Title: He’s So Not Worth
Author: Kieran Scott
Series: (He’s So/She’s So Trilogy #2)
Published: June 7th 2011 by Simon & Schuster

I have to check at least three times, just to make sure I am reading the right book. I want to take down my review of She’s So Dead to Us because this book had me disappointed. Well, not really that huge disappointment but it turned one hundred eighty on me. My opinion on characters and story mind bogglingly changed. And the one persistent question kept me on—what happened?

With all the drama happened in the first book, Ally and Jake needs some time alone. Separately. Ally spent her summer in Jersey Shore, while Jake remained at Orchard Hill doing summer job and classes. Oh, yeah he’s grounded that’s why. And to make things more interesting, the summer job he got is the same place where Ally’s father is working. Ally was supposed to spend the summer with her father, but when she saw Jake there, she changed her mind. But things got more complicated for Ally, for one, some cresties are at the shore. Hammond might still have a thing for her. Then there’s complication, called Cooper. And her mom and Gray are getting closer everyday… so close, that she thought there’s no hope for reconciliation for her parents. What a girl got to do? Do summer flings and drown her self with alcohol. So with that, my question remains—what heck happened Ally?

I really like Ally, she’s different. She’s strong. But even strongest have his moment of weakness and this is probably Ally’s. I don’t like her—here. She’s anything but strong. Where is the Ally who stood tall among her rich bullies? I don’t see her here. So I’m really disappointed. All she did was moped around, cry, and drown herself with alcohol. While I despise Cooper (why the heck is he… a little rant later) he do have a point. All she did was complain how pathetic, miserable her life is. I know, I know she’ probably had enough. And she can’t contain it any longer. But I hope she throw her—I don’t know —tantrums (?) a little better. But still, I like her. She did redeem herself a bit in the end! So please, Ally, be the person you are in the first book!

Jake? He got a huge problem at the end of the book. And he thought since Ally forgave him, everything will work out just fine. Then bam! He’s going to be a father. He knocked up Chloe. I’m pretty sure he isn’t the father. I know it. I’m not that naive not to read the clues in there. But something “happened” between him and Chloe that’s for sure. But he isn’t it. That I can tell.

I asked for some new guy, you know for distraction, a challenge for our spineless main lead, Jake. But man, Cooper? Really? What’s the point of shoving a douchebag in front of another? (I like Jake, but he still doesn’t have enough guts for me) It doesn’t make any sense. I probably like Hammond better for this position. And that Cooper? I’m so right about his character. He’s so not worth it (pun intended).

While this book frustrates me to end, I still like it. One thing I enjoy the most was “Daily Field Journal of Annie Johnston.” It’s so freaking hilarious. Without this I’ll probably gave it a much lower score. But Annie rocks! I really hope the last book turn out right.