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Restart? Nope, a revamped is more appropriate. Hi, I’m Mitchii and this Rainy Ink Studio!

Restart? Nope, a revamped is more appropriate. Hi, I’m Mitchii and this Rainy Ink Studio!

Two weeks ago, I wrote this post confessing to y’all that I was ready for some changes. An opportunity presented itself when I was prompted to renew my domain. I was “is skycircus still the name that will embody the change I wanted around here?” The answer came easily to me, it wasn’t. So I decided to get a new name. I was in sort of dilemma picking which one; choosing from 20+ names I came up with. And thanks to my sister, she chose this new name for me. So here it is, my new not essentially new blog: RAINYINK.NET!

So why rainyink, I think everything that I’m passionate right now is associated with ink: books, manga…calligraphy? And, I’ve always been naming my sites with nature. Just in case you’re curious, this domain is my fourth one: lilstar, ash-snow, then skycircus. I’m happy with the name, it sounds cute. I’m satisfied.

So what will happen now that I have this new place? I’m not gonna talk solely about books anymore (not that I haven’t done so in its former phase). And if you haven’t noticed it yet all my posts from my other blog, kyaa, were transferred over here. So yes, I’ll be talking about anime & manga here. Also, some other stuff. I’m not sure what it is but I’m removing the shackles that constraint me. I also integrated a “like system” so if you like my post & nothing to say, giving me your heartfelt likes will boost my good mood! Actually, commenting & liking withstanding, just the thought of you reading my content mean a lot already.

But honestly speaking, I could’ve done all of that in Aeropapers but the name as well as the place was little restricting to me. It represented my love for books—for books alone. I did sprinkle some otaku posts here & there but I was hesitant because what if that’s not what my readers signed up for? But I dismissed that worries. I should be free to post what I like & not tied by something I’m not content with. Be it bookish or otherwise, it should be something I’m happy to share with. This blog is by me. This blog should also for me. This blog is something I’ll enjoy maintaining. This blog is where I can fangirl freely.

I made the theme as fast I can (while juggling other designing responsibilities). Like Tsukasa (from Shokugeki no Soma, which I’m so obsessed right now!) I broke out in cold sweat while glaring at my time table LOL, but thanks to spotify and tons of sweet for keeping my sanity intact (you know how much I struggle with coding; also still tweaking few things cos my inner, slumbering perfectionist is kicking me for some misaligned elements). I’m dusting some links but it should be working a-ok, now!

To end this I’m giving you five random things about me & blogging (internet history)! Ready? OK! Here we go!

  • ➳ I’ve been blogging for almost ten years. My very first and only personal blog still exists! (I checked this some weeks ago and realized that I wrote embarrassing posts, mind you I was still a teen then so, yeah… angst was apparent!) I obviously don’t update it anymore but I air it out few times a year; because of nostalgia I still keep it.
  • ➳ My very first blog post (May 03, 2006) was about my hugest OTP back then. Ah, time didn’t change me (I think I matured a bit—or not). 😳
  • ➳ My online name Mitchii is my second alias that I’ve been using for more than a decade already. I won’t tell you the first one because it was generic & not cool enough! It starts with C (and no, not my real name which also starts with C)
  • ➳ The original spelling of my alias was Mychii (Chii came from Chobits btw) but they spelled it wrong, so I changed it and it just stuck! I love it ‘til now!
  • Aeropapers wasn’t Aeropapers because it wasn’t supposed to be a book blog. It was personal blog called Skye Station; then it became a book blog so I changed it to Aeropapers.

Hey, if you stick around then thank you! 975747yav37kkmkmI really appreciate it. Now, you can stand under my umbrella, ella ella eh eh eh~ ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ if you managed to guess where the title came from, congrats!

Image courtesy of picjumbo