Megan of Adrift on Vulcan tagged me! And if you happen to be tagged me I’m recycling this set of questions from here!

From Megan of Adrift on Vulcan. If you want to be tagged by me, I’m recycling this set of questions from here! And this pic is totally random, just so you know.

With me not finishing a book, I don’t have post planned today. But Meg tagged me to do this totally awesome but quite mouthful Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award! And her questions were fun to answer. So here they are. I think I answered quite brilliantly (not really!) *brushes shoulders off*

Three words that describe yourself!

  • Anxious, timid & eccentric.

How does a book blurb pique your interest for that book?

  • We all know 99% of blurbs are exaggerated. So now, I don’t take ‘em too seriously. But I do read book because of blurbs alone until I read the book and tell me otherwise. :/

QUICK! Share with us your absolute favorite gif! / Caption this image:



“My fave gif is this totally cool Haise gif from the manga. And the image on the right was given by Meg, I described the image as: “faint inducing coolness.”

What is one fictional thing you wish existed in the real world?

  • There are still no flying cars, right? So that! I chose a simple thing to maintain the balance (things like time machine is too powerful for us mortals to possess, hur, hur, hur!!!)

What is one word that would describe what you are currently feeling now, and why?

  • Anxious: well, I’m always this kind of person who has a lot of things in her mind and checking out every possible scenarios and worries about it. I’m too hard on myself, I know.

The book gods have decided to gift you three books of your choice — what books would you pick?

  • *gasp* unbelievable just three? Ok, I accept the challenge: Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi, Vicious by V. E. Schwab and Tokyo Ghoul :re by Sui Ishida. (I need TG like, I need it!)

If you had the power to read minds, whose would you read first?

  • Sui Ishida: the cryptic, cunning, clever man.

You get to choose a dress from any book cover — which book cover dress would you choose?

  • Oh, wow, pretty dress you say? Although I don’t like the book, gotta admit that dresses in the Selection series by Keira Cass look fancy! So yeah, any of those. 😀

Finally… What is the ONE BOOK you would endlessly push people to read?

  • Really? TOKYO GHOUL (and the sequel TOKYO GHOUL:RE)!!!! /nuff said