Megan of Adrift on Vulcan tagged me! And if you happen to be tagged me I’m recycling this set of questions from here!

From Megan of Adrift on Vulcan. If you want to be tagged by me, I’m recycling this set of questions from here! And this pic is totally random, just so you know.

With me not finishing a book, I don’t have post planned today. But Meg tagged me to do this totally awesome but quite mouthful Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award! And her questions were fun to answer. So here they are. I think I answered quite brilliantly (not really!) *brushes shoulders off*

Three words that describe yourself!

  • Anxious, timid & eccentric.

How does a book blurb pique your interest for that book?

  • We all know 99% of blurbs are exaggerated. So now, I don’t take ‘em too seriously. But I do read book because of blurbs alone until I read the book and tell me otherwise. :/

QUICK! Share with us your absolute favorite gif! / Caption this image:



“My fave gif is this totally cool Haise gif from the manga. And the image on the right was given by Meg, I described the image as: “faint inducing coolness.”

What is one fictional thing you wish existed in the real world?

  • There are still no flying cars, right? So that! I chose a simple thing to maintain the balance (things like time machine is too powerful for us mortals to possess, hur, hur, hur!!!)

What is one word that would describe what you are currently feeling now, and why?

  • Anxious: well, I’m always this kind of person who has a lot of things in her mind and checking out every possible scenarios and worries about it. I’m too hard on myself, I know.

The book gods have decided to gift you three books of your choice — what books would you pick?

  • *gasp* unbelievable just three? Ok, I accept the challenge: Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi, Vicious by V. E. Schwab and Tokyo Ghoul :re by Sui Ishida. (I need TG like, I need it!)

If you had the power to read minds, whose would you read first?

  • Sui Ishida: the cryptic, cunning, clever man.

You get to choose a dress from any book cover — which book cover dress would you choose?

  • Oh, wow, pretty dress you say? Although I don’t like the book, gotta admit that dresses in the Selection series by Keira Cass look fancy! So yeah, any of those. 😀

Finally… What is the ONE BOOK you would endlessly push people to read?

  • Really? TOKYO GHOUL (and the sequel TOKYO GHOUL:RE)!!!! /nuff said

14 Responses to Hi! I was tagged & that’s only the title I can come up with.

  1. I’m an anxious person too especially when I have to talk in front of a large crowd. I hate the attention and I just think of all the embarrassing scenarios that could possibly happen haha.

    • Mitchii G. says:

      That’s totally me, too. xD I’m really worried about what people will think about me. Apart from being very timid, yeah… ;D

  2. Shannelle says:

    I love getting to know more about you and all, but the more pressing question is OMG is that photo of your desk?! Because if it is, I’m so dead.

    • Mitchii G. says:

      I tend not to talk about myself because I always think I’m a very boring person. Unfortunately no, it’s a stock photo. 😀

  3. Megan says:

    Even if that picture’s random, it’s still beautiful. 😉 And haha, Alysia from Fiction Addictions described herself as anxious, too! I have to say that I totally relate, though. I’m so anxious to the point that after sending messages to friends, I feel the huge urge to explain myself in case they get the wrong idea, or think I’m trying to insult them or something. I overthink things too much as well; it’s part of the reason why I’m so bad with interacting with other people. D:

    YAAAASS — THAT AWESOME GIF. But honestly, pretty much all the gifs the TG fandom makes are amazing. I’m just constantly in awe of their gif-making skills. And I swear my palms started sweating when I first read that part in TG:re. Gaaah, I know it’s the New Year but I can’t believe we’re going to have to wait so long for the English scans for both Chp. 12 and 13!

    “Faint inducing coolness” — oh, Joseph Gordon Levitt is indeed that.

    Eeep, I’m planning to buy TG:re when it starts selling in my bookstore. TOO IMPATIENT TO WAIT FOR SOME COMPANY TO LICENSE AND REPRINT IT IN ENGLISH. And hehe, why am I not surprised that you’d choose to read Ishida-sensei’s mind? xD I would love to see what’s going through his brilliant head, too!

    Yay, thanks for answering the questions, Mitchii! I had fun reading your responses! 😀 (AND YES: EVERYONE GO READ TOKYO GHOUL AND ITS SEQUEL RIGHT NOWWW. /preach)

    • Mitchii G. says:

      I get the same feelings too like maybe I offended them, or any bad things that possible happen. I don’t know why I’m this kind of person.

      I know, talented fandom! *in awe* 12 should be translated by now but group scanlating is on vacation? All the magazines are on break for 3 weeks I think. They always take break during this time. 😀 Maybe we’ll get spoilers on the 17th? Maybe?

      I was about to but TG:re but halted, I guess I’ll wait for VIZ to release it.

      Of course, I loved that you tagged me!

  4. Faye M. says:

    I don’t like the Selection in any shape or form but you’re right about the dresses on the overs… they are bloody GORGEOUS. All three of them, Blue, Red, and White, are so beautiful and it makes me wish I still had prom to go so I could have someone sew them for me XDDD

  5. Alysia says:

    We anxious ones gotta stick together. 😛

    That TG gif looks very creepy, was that made from the manga caps? Wowowow!!

    Ignite Me <3 I still need to acquire a hard copy of that one as well and bask in all the Warnette beauty. <3

    • Mitchii G. says:

      You need to bask yourself with some Warnette beauty, so go read it! <3

      Yes, TG is creepy. It is also violent, gritty and tragic! 😛

  6. I’m an anxious person too! All the time. It makes me a little uneasy with myself because I think of a lot of things that both brighten or piss my day. There’s just too many thoughts running and running in my mind :-/

    And you know that I am reading Tokyo Ghoul and so far it is awesome! My bestfriend is kind of obssessed with it and I can finally see why. Very uncanny and thrilling story. Sobs at Kaneki.

    I would wear the dress in the cover of The Winner’s Curse XD

  7. Anxiety is a part of my daily life, as well. Sigh.

    Vicious, yes. Excellent choice. I hope you get to read it soon or I can just bookpush you further, if you want. =P

    I don’t know anything about Tokyo Ghoul but now I’m very curious about it!

    • Mitchii G. says:

      It seems I’m not the only who suffer anxiety on regular basis.

      I love Vicious, heard it was going to be a movie. I’m just flipping happy right here! I saw your tweet, I’m glad you’re planning to read it!

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