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Author: Terri Clark Expected publication: May 8th 2012 by Flux...

Author: Terri Clark
Expected publication: May 8th 2012 by Flux Books

I received an eARC from Flux Books via Netgalley. Thank you.

Paranormal + Hollywood + cute fallen angel = WIN

I think it got the equation right. Some books were written to provide fun. Absolute fun.

Aly King won a contest. And the prize? A date with Dakota Danvers, a hot, popular tv/movie star. Famous for CW’s Paranormal P.I. It’s a dream come true for Aly to meet Dakota. She said that her life would never be the same again. And oh boy, did it turn her life upside down. Too bad this Dakota guy is not just an ordinary celeb, he’s Satan’s son. Yes, the son of the devil himself. And he got his eyes on her sister Missy, her gonnabe wannabe star sister. Fortunately, Dakota’s new PA who happens to be a fallen angel, Jameson is on a mission to bust Dakota’s evil schemes so he can earn his wings again. Oh yeah, he is also a hottie.

Hollyweird is a nice, fun book. Yes, it’s not on par with other paranormal books. But instead of taking that fact against the book, I took it positively. It was refreshing just to read the book, without scrunching your eyebrows or pulling you hair out of annoyance. But that said, I was hoping for…more. I hope there was at least one (two tops) exciting moment because I find the conclusion of the book a bit meh. Though I find the book hardly memorable, it wasn’t overall meaningless. It was smartly funny. Despite how humor oriented it was, I’m glad that the author didn’t fail on the paranormal aspect of the book. Making the plot not completely simple as it sounds. Also, I liked that it’s not just devil offsprings and fallen angel but adding other supernaturals on the mix. My favorite would be Jameson’s story (as usual my main interest is the male lead), and why he become a fallen angel. It’s a good thing that it managed to insert his story considering it’s a short novel. Even if it was shorter than expected, it wasn’t abrupt (majority of it) or sloppy. I like the movement of the events. Though I still feel there’s more that can be done. But regardless, I still find the outcome enjoyable.

I didn’t really like Aly and Jameson’s attraction—romance. I was sort of surprised that they just, you know, fell in love. Aside from their plans of taking Dakota down, I didn’t find any swoon worthy moments. But it was scarce anyway; maybe it was just an added flavor to the novel and not one of the main ingredients. I’m not sure but that’s how I felt.

I think I’ve used the word ‘fun’ plenty of times. But that’s what the book is. If you want some fun, light read. I think this book qualifies to your liking.

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