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Author: Colleen Hoover Published: December 19th 2012 Publisher: Self Published...

HopelessAuthor: Colleen Hoover
Published: December 19th 2012
Publisher: Self Published
Categories: Contemporary, Realistic Fiction

“Live. If you mix the letters up in the words like and love, you get live. You can use that word.”

Here’s another emotional, heart-wrenching touch that is Ms. Hoover’s writing. But if you’re expecting that this one is like Slammed, you got your hopes wrong. This is definitely a departure from her other two earlier novels. But the emotions poured in here is the same amount as her previous work but not equally distributed.

Hopeless tells the story of two individuals at a glimpse you think might be forever a lost cause.  But both Sky and Holder is surviving life by shutting people from their lives. Acting indifferent to people around them. Not until these two meet. And what seems to be impossible, and despite their own real life monster it is a miracle that the ones who can save them from their problems are each other.

It’s obvious that the recurring theme in new adult genre is ‘hot and heavy.’ ‘Hot’ meaning the sexual tension or sex in general is steamier than what YA books can offer but safe enough not to categorize it as adult. And ‘heavy’ because the issues here are really, well, heavy. And to think soap opera are over the top.

But I don’t think this one is over the top. I think the drama and romance is well balance. But what I meant by not equally distributed is that it concentrates more on Sky, Holder and two of them together. I didn’t mean it as a negative thing just a comparison from her earlier work.  I liked about Slammed is that the focus was not only on the main characters, but each one of them, their families, friends had given a spotlight. Hopeless focuses more on the life of these two broken people. Sky is lost. She has no recollection of what happened when she was kid. And Holder has connection to her way before they met now. It’s kind hard to describe without spoiling too much of the story but the shock value is priceless because I didn’t see it coming. It left me off guard, completely surprised on how they were truly connected.

The romance here is not the fluffy kind. It was strong, passionate one. I think it’s a miracle how they save each other because every time I read this kind of love story where the people involved carries baggage that can weigh down the other; I find it unrealistic because it focuses on the passion on the physical part. Not on the emotions (where the real problem lies) which is hard to deliver properly. And this is where Hopeless really shines. I was convinced how they Sky and Holder connected and fell in love. And oh boy, was I swooning. The boy knows what he’s doing.

“I need this. I need to know for sure that you’re feeling every single thing that I’m feeling the moment my lips touch yours. Because I want your first kiss to be the best first kiss in the history of first kisses.”

But way to go retracting what he said earlier.

“Fuck all the firsts, Sky. The only thing that matters to me with you are the forevers.”

That is so true, Holder. The Forevers are what matters.

It’s pretty apparent that I kept comparing Hopeless to Slammed. And that’s should be a huge no-no. But I didn’t mean it in a literal sense. I was expecting something like it, and with that I didn’t mean I want another Slammed 2.0, maybe I was expecting similar reaction just I like I got from Slammed and Point of Retreat. While I was sympathetic towards Sky and Holder. And I think the romance was equally swoon worthy. It is still boils down to the after effect it has on me once I’m done with the book. While the story is more intense, the intensity wasn’t as powerful as I expected. But Ms. Hoover knows how to write emotionally driven story that always leave readers satisfied. I am satisfied.

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