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Title: Hourglass Author: Myra McEntire Series: (Hourglass #1) Pages: 397...

Title: Hourglass
Author: Myra McEntire
Series: (Hourglass #1)
Pages: 397

When I read the summary it didn’t occur to me that the main theme of this book is time traveling. I thought it was suspense, mystery like Clarity but as you can see I’m wrong, it was time traveling (I know Hourglass symbolizes time but I don’t take title literally). I was kinda irritated at first because I was expecting completely different story and I hate misleading summary. Like I said here, I’m not a big fan of time traveling. But it turns out I like Hourglass, the story is interesting.

After her parent’s death, Emerson can see people, things from the past. She thought they were ghost so her brother hired Michael, a guy who works for Hourglass to help her understand her situation; she found out that the things she sees are manifestation of her ability to time travel. People or things she sees from the past are called ripples. Michael can also see ripples but unlike her, he saw ripples of the future. And together they can travel through time. He needed her help to save his mentor from its death six months ago. And she decided to help him even though it was a risky to attempt alternating the past without consequences from the future.

Hmmm, what can I say about this book? It was, yes, interesting. The concept of time traveling was a bit more complex than it was in Timeless. In Timeless the time traveling was just a part of the story, not the entire theme of the book. Here, time traveling is main focus of the plot. There are a lot of abilities regarding time that were presented in the book. Like Michael for instance, he can see from the future, Em can see from the past and together with Cat’s ability to (I’m not exactly sure about this one, too technical for me to remember the entire details) sort of open a portal in order for them to travel through time Then there’s Jack’s skill on time stealing… and the list goes on. In fact there are a lot of characters here that are also donning different time related skills (though I’m not so sure how Kaleb’s ability connected with time. Maybe not). Nevertheless, I’m happy to say it wasn’t overwhelming. Overall, it was bit technicalish but was not mind boggling. Fascinating, even.

The characters are ok. Though once again they felt a bit short. I was this close to hating Emerson because she was too delusional, too stubborn for her own good. She was too, I don’t know, obsessed with Michael and it’s kinda irritating thing to read. Michael on the other hand, is too cryptic, posing like a brooding sexy guy but sadly it didn’t work for me. His supposedly charm didn’t make its way to my fangirl’s heart. Too bad.

There are many times Emerson confront Michael for answers. And I really hate this plot device, when ask they gonna hold back the information (it cuts down the anticipation level for readers? Not all the time). I mean I get that for plot sake they need to put all these interesting facts on the very end of the book, that hold the reader’s interest, or motivates them to finish it. Dolefully, I wasn’t big fan of that, why dragged the story with unnecessary events if you’re going to unwrap the details in speed up tempo. It was inconsistent and unbalance. And that’s my problem with the story. If everything is in the end you don’t have much time to develop the story or the characters further because all it will do is laid everything. Jack can be developed more as antagonist but it didn’t have the chance to. All it did to his character was to establish he was the villain and his capabilities. There’s a second book, I know, but still. I’ll probably appreciate it as a reader if his character was at least built up to leave an impression. Like I said all it did was labeled him as villain, nothing else.

I wasn’t also a big fan of the romance. Cryptic guy and desperate girl isn’t my ideal pair. But amusingly, I can tolerate it. I also like Kaleb but like Jack he was treated the same way. Supporting characters are important too, you know.

Plot is good, unique in some way. Characters are so-so. Execution is average. But entertaining as a whole. It was good, regardless.

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