Fiction / Otome game-esque romance? Boys, boys, boys? Yes! Yes! Yes!

Love triangles are my game. I love being conflicted over which one to ship! Sometimes I selected team and root him til the series end. It’s just so fun, even though I know it’s huge emotional investment (I had times that my heart got broken over sunken ships. Yes, looking at you Toba my bb!! ) But there is something more extreme that I also have bit of tendencies. Any guesses? No? Oh well, if the title isn’t obvious enough I kinda dig the whole reverse harem thing. Otome game-esque romance? Boys, boys, boys? Yes! Yes! Yes!

Reverse Harem can be fun read, the possibilities of interactions of the heroine give me the thrill of reading different “tease” love dynamics in just one story. I said tease ‘cos at the end of the day she will fall for only one of them (and I also will choose the one that I want for her). And all the possibilities are just that, possibilities. Even if I said I dig reverse harem, I am hard-core loyal shipper, so I still go for for my one true pairing.

But what if it is not actually a reverse harem; that as the story continues more guys are showing interest to our heroine? Case in point, Makino of Hana Yori Dango  fame. Aside from Tsukasa and Rui, there were boys who also fell for her. And I found those guys quite unnecessary. Not only that falling in love her didn’t really added extra value to me (maybe they were important, you know, to add some kick to the current plot arc but meh), I would have appreciated if they didn’t fall in the end. I mean, I get that Makino was interesting person but every boy falling for her just, well, too much, I guess. And as fellow pinoys say “ang habang ng hair mo gurl!”

Three is not a crowd for me. Actually even four or five aren’t, still.  But only if it makes sense. If the story also show a solid dynamic or future in the relationship. Interactions and development are important in any love stories. If she has chemistry with these boys, then that’s amazing.  I like the suspense! I like not knowing who she will end up with, even if I’m admittedly a huge spoiler fanatic. It is all about how it unfolded that makes sense, that has development like I said above. I’m all for multiple love interest as long as it is written well. Or I ended up liking it despite the flaws. So I guess when it comes to this thing it’s YMMV, your mileage may vary.  Now choose your poison er, I mean your team!