Fiction / In which Mitchii admits that she prefers subtlety & it doesn't have to be too grand—at least not all the time.

I’m a woman of subtlety!I actually appreciate simple romantic gestures better than you know, those over-the-top/super cheesy ones!  So if you’re gonna ask how romantic is romantic to me: then equal parts of cuteness and rare small doses of sensual tension is enough. Although I’m character driven type of reader so even if the romance isn’t the story’s strongest feat I wouldn’t even mind.

Almost all favorite shoujo manga are the light drama ones. There’s enough drama to stir the plot, memorable cast and cute little moments. Those are my tops! Once in a while I find overly dramatic, tragic and head-banging romance to be guiltily entertaining too. Like 100%의 그녀 by 지완 was a super guilty pleasure read to me! The whole “I’ll conquer the earth for you.” “I’d rather die than live in this world without you.” The “your mine heart and soul and nobody else.”  Those overblown drama/romance angles.  LOLOL Then added two more gorgeous men—no, two gorgeous and dangerous men vying for her affection. Oh yeah the main guy was the king! Ha! It’s so, well, over the top but I can stop reading it. But these cases are very rare; I still find greater pleasure in reading the light romance or humorous ones.

But those occasions are rare. I still prefer subtleness.  Here, I’m gonna give an example how subtle is subtle to me:  One of my favorite scenes in ハチミツとクローバー by 羽海野 チカ (yeah, I super duber loved this series so I’m gonna mention it in any given opportunity LOL) is when Mayama left his coat and Nomiya returned to fetch his forgotten lighter. In the room he saw Ayu wearing Mayama’s coat, lovingly feeling the warmth of coat emitted as if a replacement of Mayama himself. Even though I was a big Nomiya & Ayu fan, this spoke volumes to me because then and there I witnessed how Ayu truly loved Mayama, even in stolen moments like this. I didn’t find that desperate on her part, in fact it was kinda sad…cradling hopeless feelings like that.

Also there’s something about non-romantic series that I find more fulfilling to read. Even if the romance is just an afterthought; the moments of the couple I’m rooting for are worth waiting. Like a seedling you’re nurturing and growing slowly but steadily as the time goes by. That’s why I’m very adamant when it comes to romance development; it is very vital! And because it’s not heavily romantic I get to enjoy other aspects too. It’s a win-win situation for me!

I love reading romance stories because they’re an easy read but only a handful made it to my fave list, that’s how selective I am. So no, romance doesn’t have to be too saccharine to make shipper’s buds tingling~ Small little gestures can make me swoon~ A great writer can broaden a simple moment into something more!

And there you have it! So how about what do you consider romantic? Are you fond of subtlety like me, or big bold declaration of love is your type? Leave me some lovin~ by sharing your thoughts or liking this post! Huzzah!