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I finally caught up with Hunter X Hunter. Ok, I...

I finally caught up with Hunter X Hunter. Ok, I just watched post Greed Island aka Chimera Arc. I have few pending anime that I’m also trying to catch up (such as FMA: Brotherhood—I know, it ended quite a while now, but, but, but!!! I still fail to watch the entire thing, plus the manga, I need to finish it! Nurarihyon no Mago, then maybe, just maybe Bleach? But I did finally finished Ao no Exorcist. I’m little disappointed with the anime. FILLER!!!!

Anyway, there’s no use crying over filler episodes spilled milk. As I was saying, Hunter X Hunter. Despite the action, and almost-had-me-crying-yet-to-fail-to-do-so episode (Kite?!!!), this is probably my least favorite. BUT! This arc has so many turning points for Gon and Killua. I remember when I read the part where Gon was on a date; Killua finally removed Illumi’s needle; so on and so forth. And because I’m quite the impatient watcher, I ended reading the chapters that weren’t animated yet. And…I’m so sad. 🙁

One of my favorite relationship/friendship (platonic only, k?) in the anime-verse is that of Gon and Killua’s. I liked how they are their very first friend. Gon being surrounded by older people, and Killua with his family’s business. I really like Togashi-sensei (despite his frequent hiatuses) developed these two. So I was really surprised that they have now different agenda and goals. Meaning, they are on their own…hopefully for a while. I’m already missing them together. But wow, their growth, I’m quite happy with that.

It scares me that I’m updated again with this series. I only left few chapters when I stopped because I can’t bear the hiatuses (much like D Gray Man, speaking what the hell is happening in this series?! Hoshino-sensei? Helllllooooo?!). But it looks steady…for now. But I’m gambling again because I can’t wait for the next chapters. It looks interesting; it’s nice to see Kurapica and Leorio in the scene again.

ETA: 07/15/14 About D.Gray Man, I was so out of loop for a looong time that I didn’t know that Shueisha announced that it is on hiatus indefinitely and they decided to drop the series. The possibility of continuation is marginally small and if ever it does, it will not under Shueshia’s imprint anymore. What a sad, sad news… :'( (news got here)

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