Title: Hunting Lila
Author: Sarah Alderson
Series: (Lila #1)
Published: August 4th 2011 by Simon and Schuster UK

If you liked Kim Harrington’s Clarity, you will also like Hunting Lila by Sarah Alderson. Although I prefer the former than the latter. But just like Clarity, it has a decent amount of mystery, science fiction, paranormal and of course, romance—didn’t I tell you with my last review that’s one of my requirements. Now you know. 😉 But sadly I wasn’t that keen on the romance part of this book.

The story was ok. Am I the only who found the book a bit abrupt? Hope not. Anyway, I was just surprised that I finished the book in no time. The pacing was fast, the writing was clear; it wasn’t hard following the story. It was there already, the only thing I needed to do is to focus as the story unfolds before my very own eyes. While I salute the fast-paced style, it was also one of the things that made the book a bit weak for me. I didn’t like the transition of characters here—that the good guys were actually the bad ones. And the bad guys were the ‘real’ good people. I just found the shifting of characters a bit sudden. Also, Lila is…I don’t know, naive? She believed easily on things people say to her. But at least the story moved quicker than expected. Hey, I’m looking on the bright side. :/

So, did I wish the book was longer? No, I just want the pacing to be more concrete and believable.

I’ve been meaning to meet this Alex guy, this person people were all raving about. Now that I read about him, I wasn’t much into him as others were. As much as I expected myself to be. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a bona fide swoon-worthy guy—good looking, nice, caring, six pack abs…I think, um, do I need to spell it out? I just felt something, just tiny bit missing on the personality department. Maybe in the next book. We’ll see.

I have no complaints on the action, the mystery and the sci-fi part of the book. I did enjoy those moments. Probably the highest point of the story. I liked the paranormal aspect of the plot, it spiced things up. But those things are on the later part of the book. The first half was boring. It was just Lila’s fan-gushing on her long time crush Alex. Though I can’t blame her. The dude is hot. But seriously, we got it Lila. I wish that instead of those lovestruck centric narratives about Alex, the book should have focused on more important things. There’s nothing wrong with that, it was just Alex was so much in the spotlight. And that was my problem.

Nevertheless, it was a good read. I loved how the author blends these different things deftly. If the first half was as good as the end, it would be more engaging than already was. Still a good book and I hope you guys will try it.