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Ok, I think I was semi-productive last May. There were tons of things I managed to do (with still things I still haven’t started. *sighs* But let’s stay positive so it’ll boost my confidence; something I want to carry on this June!

May in a nutshell!


I was also featured by Chiara @ Delicate Eternity about my passion on web design. *blushes* Interview like this tend to make me blush furiously (moi is extremely shy).

That bookish index!

I’m pretty pleased with myself that I got to read 5 books and even reviewed 4 of ‘em. I deserved a pat on the back as I pushed myself to read more. Ok, so maybe the celebration is still premature because according to GR, I am still way behind schedule. But I’m getting there! I am starting to regain the groove!


Onslaught of white spines!


I also received few books. Thanks again to the wonderful people of Harper Collins International for my ARCs & I’m quite excited that my purchase from arrived. :mrgreen: I now own the two latest volumes of Tokyo Ghoul:re. Oh my gosh they’re so pretty inside. Usually volumes (tankoubons) are purely black & white; even though at its weekly serialization has colored page in it. But the inside has beautiful colored illustrations inside to my surprise! I finally decided to collect even the first series in JP! Yosh~ *prepares wallet*

I think I also got some new e-ARCs and few newly released ones. Need to tackle those soonish!

Other fandoms, passion & whatnots:

You have probably noticed it already but my humble abode is donning a new theme! Yessery, I finally made it. I decided to design it similar to my other blog. They’re twin blogs! I’m comfortable designing responsive theme now so I’ve decided what better way to push those boundaries! HA! (I rewritten some pages within this blog too!)

I think I have something else to say but I forgot. Oh well, I think highlighted those that counted (is forgetful!)

That’s what had rolled down this May, so now I turn over to you beautiful bookish peeps; how’s last month?! Fun? Exciting? Whatever that is, share it with me!!! 681883xso2p3ji9v


16 Responses to I claimed it: a semi-productive month~!

  1. Cee says:

    I forever groaning at how bad Hello, I Love You was. (I already knew, but I had hoped for good!) Cursing past-Cee for requesting it. 😮 Did you not like Made You Up?

    YAY FOR RESPONSIVE THEMES! Everybody should really head down that road because man, it is very wonderfulllllll!

    My May was super chill and awesome! Birthday + new-ish blog design + new glasses + business cards happened! :DDD

    • Mitchii G. says:

      Groaning with you. And I was super excited too prior to reading. Yes, responsive themes are the best; it looks nice in every gadget! 😀
      Ooooh~ interesting stuff happened with you! <3

  2. Kezia says:

    I’m nervous about PS I Still Love You and I’m guessing my copy will arrive on Wednesday due to tomorrow being a public holiday.. This small wait is killing me even more *sigh* Anyway, it seems like you’re slowly getting back to your reading habit! It’s okay if you’re still behind your GR challenge, at least you’re making a little progress 😀 Maybe you can catch up more during summer break? I heard it’s almost summer in the Phillipines (or has it already started perhaps?)

    Last month I only managed to read 3 books but overall, May was pretty awesome despite finals ^^ I had a good news today — that apparently my teacher miscounted my physics score so I actually passed the test haha! *throws confetti* Half of my results are out already and I’m satisfied with them. Still waiting for two more subjects so finger crossed they will be good! 😀

    Have a great June, Mitchii! Stay productive <333

    • Mitchii G. says:

      I hope you will like more than I did. Don’t be nervous, you might end up liking it. ;D Summer is over here, classes already resumed today; so there is that. ^^;

      You managed to read despite being busy with study is a feat! Oh my, I’m glad it turned out that way. I hope your grades come out awesome! And have a nice June too (and probably well-deserved break!)

  3. Emily says:

    You is so shy heehee :3 YAY FOR PRODUCTIVE MONTHS! 😀 It’s so good to see you getting back into the groove of things girl! I’m impressed that you managed to read so many books 😀 And you know I just love everything you design (always makes me want more GAH) and simplicity is beauty! I love this new theme, it’s so matchy matchy with Kyaa! YES I hope you’re still on the roll for June 😉 All the best and read lots lots! <3

    • Mitchii G. says:

      I am. Terribly so. >////< 5 was not too many. I have to keep up the pace and perhaps I'll be able to catch up to my GR challenge. T^T I really want this blog to match with kyaa, since somehow, I think, they goes hand in hand. All the best to you too Emily~! <3

  4. I’m so glad you had a somewhat productive month. Those are always satisfying. I was totally productive as well in May. As long as you consider sitting on your ass and expanding on your already extensive collection of fat cells productivity. Oh I also cried a lot on the days when I had my exams. Should have studied more. In fact, I should have actually studied for those. Yay!

    Also I’m so jealous of your copies of TG. I mean, I’m jealous but I also refuse to buy them on the Internet. Somewhere in my head I made myself a promise that my first manga in Japanese will be bought by myself in Japan. So there’s that.

    Also I don’t know if I told you (or maybe I have and my memory was slated or something???) that your blog design is !!! and so if I haven’t said that to you then your blog design is totally !!!

    Anyway, have a even more productive June! I’m shutting up now.

    • Mitchii G. says:

      Oh man, it feels like forever when I too complained about exams (is now the person giving one *coughs*). Wow, your patience is so strong. I don’t know when, if ever I’ll be able to afford to go to Japan. But I’m already itching to get my ol self copies so here they are. LOL EEEP~ thanks so much! <3

  5. Yay us for being better at blogging this month! *high fives* I’m just hoping I’ll be able to keep this up for June because I can already feel my motivation fading away, haha. And wow, five books and you even reviewed four of them! You must be acing your GR challenge. 😀 And hm, I’m curious about your thoughts for Made You Up. So far loads of people seem to love it (and that cover is gorgeous), so what did you think of it? It doesn’t sound very memorable since it’s likely you won’t be reviewing it…

    Argh, I love the volume covers for TG:re. I love how it mixes watercolor art with computer graphics — they both look so good together! Now all we need to do is to actually learn some higher-level kanji in order to understand what’s being said here, especially since there won’t be much furigana to help. And wow, I would do the same for the first series, but I don’t have the money right now and I kind of want to wait for the English version when it comes out… which is soon. Eeeep!

    Also, I saw your design for What Georgie Reads and you already know what I’m going to say, but I’ll say it anyways: IT’S GORGEOUS!!! How do you always create such beautiful designs?!

    Have a great June, girl! xx

    • Mitchii G. says:

      *helps Megucchi to cling on productivity* Made you up was so confusing to me: it was good when it is, and bit weird at times. I like book with mental illness with it since that’s my field and MYU is one of the better ones.

      It needs higher level of comprehension. It is actually far harder than it was released weekly. Some dialogues were kinda different (my hiragana are gone). *sobs*

      EEEEEEP~ thank you. I did my best. And you too, have a fun June! Cling to that motivation tightly!

  6. So awesome that you read more than you were expecting to and that you managed to review most of them. 🙂 (I think you mixed up the authors’ names on our list though–for Extraordinary Means and Kasie West’s name was misspelled…) And you already know how much I love your new design (as always!), so hurrah! 😀 I hope you have an awesome June, Mitchii. <3

  7. Can everyone just NOT talk about Hello, I Love you because that is exactly what I DIDN’T do. omg. [However, PS: I STILL LOVE YOU – YES I DO, KAVINSKY. YES I DO.]

    I actually heard of you through Chiara so I’m SO GLAD<33

    My Stacking the Shelves + Montly Recap here.

    – Nova @ Out of Time

    • Mitchii G. says:

      Thanks for dropping by. 🙂 Many were disappointed with this book which is really unfortunate since it has a potential to become a fun/diffrent read.

  8. Congrats on 5 books! I think that’s a pretty good amount. I feel accomplished if I read and review books in the same month, but it seldom works out with my posting schedule.

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