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Ok, I think I was semi-productive last May. There were tons of things I managed to do (with still things I still haven’t started. *sighs* But let’s stay positive so it’ll boost my confidence; something I want to carry on this June!

May in a nutshell!


I was also featured by Chiara @ Delicate Eternity about my passion on web design. *blushes* Interview like this tend to make me blush furiously (moi is extremely shy).

That bookish index!

I’m pretty pleased with myself that I got to read 5 books and even reviewed 4 of ‘em. I deserved a pat on the back as I pushed myself to read more. Ok, so maybe the celebration is still premature because according to GR, I am still way behind schedule. But I’m getting there! I am starting to regain the groove!


Onslaught of white spines!


I also received few books. Thanks again to the wonderful people of Harper Collins International for my ARCs & I’m quite excited that my purchase from arrived. :mrgreen: I now own the two latest volumes of Tokyo Ghoul:re. Oh my gosh they’re so pretty inside. Usually volumes (tankoubons) are purely black & white; even though at its weekly serialization has colored page in it. But the inside has beautiful colored illustrations inside to my surprise! I finally decided to collect even the first series in JP! Yosh~ *prepares wallet*

I think I also got some new e-ARCs and few newly released ones. Need to tackle those soonish!

Other fandoms, passion & whatnots:

You have probably noticed it already but my humble abode is donning a new theme! Yessery, I finally made it. I decided to design it similar to my other blog. They’re twin blogs! I’m comfortable designing responsive theme now so I’ve decided what better way to push those boundaries! HA! (I rewritten some pages within this blog too!)

I think I have something else to say but I forgot. Oh well, I think highlighted those that counted (is forgetful!)

That’s what had rolled down this May, so now I turn over to you beautiful bookish peeps; how’s last month?! Fun? Exciting? Whatever that is, share it with me!!! 681883xso2p3ji9v