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I don't think I'm the only one who spare time...

I don’t think I’m the only one who spare time in an activity where I look for new reads (even though I have like 124395047321 series on my TBR but I just need to have more, right? It’s human instinct to be greedy, no? yes? idk?) But sometimes things get exciting while I’m scouring for new reads: when the story (+ art) hit me off quickly. Now that I think about it, a lot of the stuff I read are ones I found exactly the same way. Despite having ginormous albeit neglected TBR, I don’t always utilize that list (but why make a list in the first place you ask? that’s another story for another day ) and so, when I think I find something I want to read, like found it on the spot, I often saw myself diving in for the kill! As in pronto, no more second guessing. Let’s read it now kind of bookworm thug life! And it is one of the best pleasure in life, I tell you!

It is love at first sight but it’s the good kind of insta-love.

There are nights where I just browse and browse catalogs and add series I considered reading but not interesting enough me to read as soon as I found it. I think have unofficial “official” categories: (1) Soon (2) Eventually (3) Maybe. A lot of the series I found fell in the second category, but there’s another very special category, one that’s exciting, and that is the (4) Right Now. Where I drop everything right then and there, and start reading after getting intrigued by the summary and fell in love with the cover or art (since I’m mostly reading graphic novels, webtoons these days, it is a factor). And I love the feeling of falling in love with it so fast. Yes, THAT whirlwind romance. And yes, the only time that I approved of love at sight! Or should I say love at first read!

Your mileage may vary but caution threw out of the window ‘cos I like to gamble!

But of course success rate isn’t 100%. Yeah, kinda unfortunate to say (because who wouldn’t want to enjoy the series they read? Especially to a person like moi, where escapism through reading is one of the biggest pleasure of my life). One positive thing about my reading habit is I’m never a quitter (yeah, at least reading wise and I’m trying to do that in other aspects of my life, but that’s off topic again lol) so I give it like 5 even up to 10 chapters before I stop. I even try as much 4 times to try it if I pick it up again in the future. I even skip chapters if I find the start really uninteresting.

If this scenario happens, I usually put it in my TBR (alas, this list is never forgotten, it stays. Kinda vicious delicious? endless cycle ) But I digress, I’m happy to say those instances that I ended up reading on the spot, I fell in love with series in the same speed. And I’m glad I didn’t make the wait longer. I actually love the feeling of finding it, reading it, falling in love with it in that very moment. I mean I already love reading but falling in love with the series I just found out recently? Where have you been all my life?! Now that’s instant gratification I wish to always happen!

As Urban Dictionary says, “the quick attainability of happiness or of contentness” and that’s reading on the spot to me!

Everybody is poking fun of their never ending TBR and when to read it, but don’t we all sometimes have this instant attraction to graphic novels, books or any entertainment medium for that matter, after laying our eyes on it (or read the summary). Compelling us to read it right then and there! And when this happens, I just have to give in. It is a huuuge bonus if I fell madly in love with the story. It makes me kilig just the thought of it! I really just love submerging in my favorite stories!

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