It’s well known fact that everyone has their own reasons why they started their blogs. I’m very vocal for mine: it’s just for me. Even after six years the reason remained the same—I just needed an outlet. I just want to channel out my opinion. I just need a space to squee, to rant, & just to ramble. I never actively aimed for anything outside of my main reasons. Sure, the blog, and also my style have changed as the years went by but I think I never lost the reason I blog. 😛 It’s for me and I love it.

I saw blogs come and go. And honestly half of the blogs I followed either quit or on hiatus. It’s sad because I’m not much of big blogger reader myself. But once I fell in love with that blog (and concurrently the blogger), you have one faithful reader in me. I may not be very active on the commenting side of this hobby but I do read your post. I check my feedly frequently (the first thing I do once I logged in to my PC). And it’s saddened me whenever one announced their leaving. It always makes me sad. 🙁

I know how much blogging can eat your time. I read people’s comment about it. Once in a while I reflect my way and ask myself if there have been a time that I thought blogging was hard. Aside some occasional slumps (and my laziness) I’d say well, not really. I love blogging. I am a free, moody blogger. I have no schedule. While I do list down the topics I want to broach out but that’s the closest thing to an organization to me. In fact, I only spend an hour or so to blogging (yes, taking pics included). And I don’t blog every day. I am somewhat a perfectionist myself but I don’t want to be too meticulous on every single thing I write. If I want to ramble on the latest manga I read, I will! Because this is the deal I made with myself when I started to blog. It should be hassle free. It should be something I enjoy. And I enjoy it. Every single post I write. I enjoy writing it. Despite my glaring lack of talent at writing, I push through because there’s something I wanted to say and I need an avenue for these thoughts. Blogging makes that happen. So yes, blogging? I love it. My style of blogging? I love it! 😎

For me there are no fundamental rules in blogging. So if you want to spend time on every post to up the quality go ahead if that makes you happy. If you want to share you book haul, then post it too. I won’t judge. Don’t let them restrict you on what you post on YOUR blog just because it doesn’t abide to their principles or style. If I care too much with what others have to say, I would’ve quit ages ago but I didn’t because there’s nothing wrong on how I blog. If the same case applies to you, then it’s OK. You’re doing great. In the end the one who runs your blog is YOU. Love the way you blog if it’s working for you!