I think “romance” genre is overly saturated; there are just so many of them already. But it is the genre of my comfort reads and I love reading it. I don’t shy away from confessing my undying love for shoujo manga—which mostly are romance stories!  Also josei! And even if I’m reading shonen or seinen sometimes I do ship couples in there as well! There’s something uplifting about shipping and seeing these characters affection grows throughout the story is something I really like to read (though don’t asky my thoughts about relationship in real life context…it’s quite radical!)

Of course, despite my huge adoration for romance, I still want to say that not all romance stories make me flutter…no, not at all—there are lots of time that I find it meh and worse, frustrating.  And yet, regardless of the many unrewarding endeavors I still find myself going back to this genre! Because the times where I’m absolutely engaged in the story or being heavily immersed to the story I’m reading is nothing short of amazing! And that experience is what I want again and again.

A lot of my comfort reads are slice-of-life and romance stories! I don’t know…now that I become an adult (and now suffering from anxiety disorder) these uplifting, mellow stories about the beauty of life and light romance that also comes with it just overwhelms me with peace! And that’s something I always seek when I read. Yeah, I do love getting so excited and dizzy with pleasure with an exhilarating reads but nothing beats the smile on my face after I read a nice light manga or book! Most of ‘em are romance—and I say it plenty of times, I love me some romance!

The more I see myself getting back over and over to romance stories just cement the fact. It is whether I’m reading a book or graphic novel, or listening to music or watching TV or movies—romance is my soft spot! Romance isn’t easy, a great romance story is harder to pull off! To sincerely showcase one of human’s strongest emotion takes a lot of hard work, so don’t undermine authors/creators or the genre itself—it’s great! It will always have readers, supporters in every one—so count myself in that number!