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Not enough flame? See, I wasn’t on board with the...

Not enough flame? See, I wasn’t on board with the whole splitting Mockingjay Part 1 into two films. Why so? I thought I’m stating the obvious here but to clarify, I think, that the third installment doesn’t have enough material to cover two separate films. I love the first adaptation, surprisingly I love Catching Fire better even though I loved The Hunger Games. But I’m wary about this film. Honestly, I was really, really apprehensive on how they will stretch the story into 2 hour film without adding uninteresting fodder. Guess, they do need to resort on that.

Now, I’m not saying it’s bad. I did like it. Sure, those scenes that were highlighted in the trailer were among the ones that actually got me. Katniss’s remorse on seeing her former district is nothing but debris of destroyed buildings and even dead bodies. When she sang that song. Oh, when she shot down the hovercraft with her state of art arrow? And her line to President Snow? Priceless. But that was all there is to me. I do enjoy it, ok? But it wasn’t…intense as the other two which I think is the result of few materials to work on. I’m not going to add the effects, the acting, the cinematography or whatever stuff there are in making a movie, given that I have seen in the first two; that of high quality is to be expected (which I actually did see here).

I knew they will end it up with Peeta coming back. Ok, some details were blurry with me now since I’ve read the Mockingjay four years ago but I’m pretty sure things heated up after he returned. So again, the problem was there wasn’t so much in there that warrants an engaging, intense paced movie. Plus, may favorite parts were after Peeta was retrieved. You know the whole, “real or unreal,”? Yep, but it is without saying that Mockingjay Part 1 was a good movie. Not great as the first two but still enjoyable.

PSA: I hope they stop splitting final book into two films. In the Harry Potter it worked because there were damn lots of things needed to cover. Mockingjay isn’t like that. At all.

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