Not enough flame? See, I wasn’t on board with the whole splitting Mockingjay Part 1 into two films. Why so? I thought I’m stating the obvious here but to clarify, I think, that the third installment doesn’t have enough material to cover two separate films. I love the first adaptation, surprisingly I love Catching Fire better even though I loved The Hunger Games. But I’m wary about this film. Honestly, I was really, really apprehensive on how they will stretch the story into 2 hour film without adding uninteresting fodder. Guess, they do need to resort on that.

Now, I’m not saying it’s bad. I did like it. Sure, those scenes that were highlighted in the trailer were among the ones that actually got me. Katniss’s remorse on seeing her former district is nothing but debris of destroyed buildings and even dead bodies. When she sang that song. Oh, when she shot down the hovercraft with her state of art arrow? And her line to President Snow? Priceless. But that was all there is to me. I do enjoy it, ok? But it wasn’t…intense as the other two which I think is the result of few materials to work on. I’m not going to add the effects, the acting, the cinematography or whatever stuff there are in making a movie, given that I have seen in the first two; that of high quality is to be expected (which I actually did see here).

I knew they will end it up with Peeta coming back. Ok, some details were blurry with me now since I’ve read the Mockingjay four years ago but I’m pretty sure things heated up after he returned. So again, the problem was there wasn’t so much in there that warrants an engaging, intense paced movie. Plus, may favorite parts were after Peeta was retrieved. You know the whole, “real or unreal,”? Yep, but it is without saying that Mockingjay Part 1 was a good movie. Not great as the first two but still enjoyable.

PSA: I hope they stop splitting final book into two films. In the Harry Potter it worked because there were damn lots of things needed to cover. Mockingjay isn’t like that. At all.


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  1. I agree. I liked Catching Fire the best (both film and book) then Hunger Games, then Mockingjay. I read the book a day before the movie came out so I constantly compared the book and the movie. I think they stayed true to the book, but what made the movie mehh was that there weren’t a lot of action scenes. Like you, the only things that were kind of ‘wow’ was when Peeta came back, when they were trying to get the tributes back, when Katniss was looking for Prim b/c she went after the cat, the hospital scene, and when Peeta went all crazy to Katniss the first time he saw her. What I hated the most was the freakin shaky camera. Ugh. It really bugged me!

  2. Alysia says:

    I agree, they’ve turned the whole splitting the last movie into two movies into some kind of marketing scheme, or some formula to follow for all YA series movie adaptions and it’s just…not a smart thing to do. Especially since the THG series weren’t full of long books. Hoping I still get to see this one soon though.

    • Mitchii G. says:

      If it’s long, I don’t mind since the movie needs to cover as much deets as possible. But if the book can be concised in one film, why the hell not? Business always comes first, I guess.

  3. I still quite don’t get why they split it up into 2 parts. I think most people agree that Mockingjay was the worse and most slow book out of the series. So splitting the movie up seems like a bad idea to me. 😛 They need everything they can to make it action packed. Not sure if it will work for me either.

  4. Alice says:

    It’s not often that I prefer film adaptations to books, but The Hunger Games is definitely one of those occasions.

    Got to agree with you though, not sure how they are going to split this into two films.

  5. Megan says:

    I’m with you — what’s up with every last movie being split into two, now? It was fine with Harry Potter because, like you said, Deathly Hallows was jam-packed with detail (and even they didn’t include everything in the two films), but Mockingjay? Not so much. Still, it sounds like Part 1 was pretty solid, even if it lacked the necessary “wow” factor.

    Heh, I doubt any of the THG films will be able to beat Catching Fire. That was my favorite. It actually made me tear up, and that’s not something that happens at all. But I’m glad there were some aspects in Mockingjay: Part 1 that helped you enjoy the show. Still really looking forward to watching it!

    • Mitchii G. says:

      CT wasso good! So my expectations were bit high for this, admittedly, but the lack of material did affect the movie after all.

  6. Valerie says:

    Yeah they really shouldn’t have split it. It sucks that everything is just for money and marketing now. Literally nothing happened in this movie, and although it was good, it really didn’t need to be split

  7. Definitely agreed, Mitchii. I thought splitting this one into two movies was a horrible idea. BUT I TOTALLY LOVED WHEN JLAW SANG THE HANGING TREE. That scene was gorgeous and the highlight of the whole movie for me. <3 Catching Fire's still my favorite movie, obviously. I just rewatched it last week and it was glorious.

  8. I agree, Mitchii! I just didn’t really see the point in splitting it up, since the story of Mockingjay was pretty straight forward and could have easily been covered in one two hour long movie.

    I thought Mockingjay Part One was OKAY. There was a whole heap of stuff in there that was really not necessary, and actually made the movie drag. I mean, when I came out, I was just like: the only thing that happened was Katniss deciding to become the Mockingjay and Peeta coming back. And they stretched that over TWO hours. *shakes head*

    I really hope they stop splitting movies, too! I think they are splitting Allegiant, which is just annoying. I think it’s mainly done so they can stretch it and get more money. Which sounds jaded, but I really think that is the case!

    • Mitchii G. says:

      So Allegiant, too? I’m not watching it but it sucks that they split stories that shouldn’t needed to because of potential profits. *smh*

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