Author: Aimee Agresti
Series: (Gilded Wings #1)
Published: March 6th 2012 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Hmm, how should I start this? Honestly, I’m not sure what to make of it. Did I like it? Surprisingly yes. But I do agree that the pacing was really slow but that being said, I wasn’t bored. Another surprising fact that I, myself, didn’t expect. I usually cringed on book that drags the story with irrelevant and cyclic events. I think the reason that made it plausible is how the author weaved the story. IMHO, it flowed nicely and that made it work (for me).

As the summary says, Haven and her bestfriend Dante, along with classmate Lance got an internship at a lavish hotel. But there’s something strange with the hotel. First, the staffs are composed of strikingly beautiful people. Oddly enough, she got a strange book that tells her the mystery of the said hotel, the people behind it, as well as her real identity. Through snooping around, she found at that these people work for the devil and they’re buying human souls in exchange of what these people (who sold their souls) desire. And these people want her and her friends because of their ability. They’re recruiting her because of what she can do for their group. Accepting it means giving up her soul but having anything she wants. But rejecting them means death.

I like the fact that the setting was in a hotel, a bit different from the usual. I also like angel mythology in this book. I was doubtful at first why it mentioned photography several times. I was, ‘what’s the connection?’ It turns out it’s a crucial thing, especially to these people called the outfits. These posh people reminded me of My Soul to Save plot where people sold their souls in exchange for fame, fortune. But that’s it, putting that aside, it was a new take to angel, the-good-vs.-evil thing. I just didn’t like that Haven follows a book. I know that without it she will never know the truth. But still, it’s kinda stalkerish—the book, the way ‘it’ leaves a message. Frankly, it’s kinda creepy. If I were her I won’t believe it. But that’s just me. 😉

I liked the characters. Haven is ok, Dante too, but most especially Lance. I know there’s something about him from the moment he was introduced. He just piqued my interest, and lo and behold he’s actually an important character. And here I thought, I will like the debonair, enigmatic Lucian based on the summary. I mean, I did like him but he didn’t hold my interest far enough. Unlike Lance, he is, as Dante said, a Clark Kent (a guy who’s cute but not aware of it). Shallow reason aside, I really like his character. I personally like that, while there’s romance in here, it focuses more on the plot. I did foresee them together, there were hints but the book didn’t dwell too much on it. Not that I don’t like romance (I heart those books you know) I just want mine subtlety done.

The ending of this book was good. I like that even though it’s a series, the book ended with finality and yet there’s hint of things to come. And I look forward to that.

And I started this post with uncertainty. But look, I managed to squish something out of my head. As a final note, I enjoyed this book, and definitely worth reading. 🙂