I love emojis (I even have two sets of emojis installed in this blog as a proof). I frequently abuse it and most of the time my tweets end with emojis. So this was fun to do (and I might’ve presented it differently 😛 ) . I was tagged by the lovely Emily of Reverie Rhapsody. This meme goes like this:

Use 5-10 emojis that you abuse frequently/are your favorites and pick a book or character that matches that emoji.

Just Silly!

Just Silly! emoji belongs to Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson series, particularly the third book, The Titan’s Curse. This is my favorite book from the series, it’s so funny. Apollo sad attempt haikus and Blackjack infamous line ‘it’s the wine dude.’ Man, did it crack me up pretty good.


Oh my, I tried reading City Of Bones in what, 2010? Hundred pages in, I stopped. Hopeful, I picked up again (after 2 years). It didn’t work. It’s too many things at once then you include a very unbearable cast. Nope, I’m not up for this grueling task. My patience threshold was almost at a critical level. So yes, snorefest emoji goes to you, you never ending story (how many books are they planning for this world?!! I’m not even reading it and I feel exhausted already).

Chuuu!!! (Kissy Face!)

Trust in Me:  just because it has kissy face /nuff said.

Total Indifference

Total Indifference emoji goes to Sleep No More. I was really intrigued with this book having such an interesting concept. Sadly, things were just too muddled and predictable to suit my taste.


Christian Prescott *she remembers* *sobs* I was utterly sad when I finished the book despite knowing the ending prior to reading. I would’ve been ok if the story was obviously moving in that direction. But it was surprised attack and I was caught unguarded. I still feel remorse after that halfhearted ending. Yes, the heartbreaker emoji belongs to Boundless.

Lovely Dovey!

Do I really need to explain in full deets considering I had prepared a 9 weeks (62 days) feature for the released of the book? No? You should already know how much I loved Tahereh Mafi’s series by now so of course, the lovey-dovey emoji belongs to this series. (and I might have recycled a photo *snickers*)


I don’t know which ones are already tagged (mental lapses = must be the age *face palm*). So I’m tagging these awesome fellas because they’re the ones I remember: