Remember Project Sixty-Two? One of the things I did for my ship! Huzzah!

Ok, I confess I’m an avid shipper. Like if I saw great couple or potential couple, I ship them fanatically. Sometimes I go way beyond the call of an average shipper by building a fansite or writing a manifesto. That’s how I groove. Yes, maybe I’m way too invested on the love lives of these fictional characters than my own (or the lack of thereof) but there’s something about shipping that really adds my enjoyment to the story. But there’s bad reputation among shippers because sometimes they can be a little bit…nasty passionate. But I’m certainly not one of those (on most cases…ok, not really…I mean, am I?) and so, I’m debunking some of them. And this post is brought to you by the canonization of my OTPs with two of my favorite series recently concluded #mazume & #naruhina. Btw, this all me!

You always need romance!

GAAAAH, that’s totally false. I’m enjoying Tokyo Ghoul by Sui Ishida and I don’t ship anyone! I’m also enjoying Haruichi Furudate’s volleyball series called Haikyuu! for its positive message about camaraderie, rivalry and sportsmanship. I do enjoy series without romance. Not because it has romance it guarantees my enjoyment; sometimes this aspect is a bit overrated, especially if it isn’t played well!

You only care about the romance and not the story.

FALSE! Most of the time, I loved the story first before I invested on a couple. I loved Naruto even before I considered shipping him with Hinata. I love the bean sidhe mythology before I realized that I preferred Tod for Kaylee in Rachel Vincent’s Soul Screamers series (trivia: it only happened in book three). I read/watch because the plot intrigues me, particularly if it doesn’t imply romance. Most of my OTPs belong to series that are not really romance centric. The shipping adds flavor but the food itself is already delicious as it is. So no, I’m not only after the romance. I’m in it for the whole nine yards!

You didn’t need the development, as long as they end up together it’s fine.

FALSE AGAIN! Relationship development is important to me. Very important. I don’t fall for crack ship. The reason why I ship these couples in the first place is because I see something in their relationship/interaction that I think is romantically plausible. I also favor a type of relationship where the couples showcase their individual growth and at the same time boost each other as well, which also leads me to this point—

You don’t care about the individual growth of the characters you ship.

That’s one big FALSE! I super care on the individuality and maturity of the characters. In fact, I love them as a character as much as I love them as a couple. I loved Allen Walker (from Katsura Hoshino’s D Gray Man) mysterious background, it really intrigues me. I also loved Lenalee Li’s effort to continue better herself. These devices are standalone factors for me but it happened to be that they were also connected. So I loved how the two of them have this some sort of enigmatic relationship that ties them together, hence the shipping. And even if they didn’t end up together, I still could say: “Man, they are awesome characters!” (Shame, they didn’t end up together *my afterthought, what? I ship them so of course I’m hopeful. I’m not completely indifferent.*)

Give some” physical” evidences between her ship and she’ll be happily contended.

Pardon the language, but fuck that! Know what, I love subtlety. Those little things makes me swoon more than a kiss/hug/sex because those latter things, they are already known for gestures! But to create a moment between the two characters one that is simultaneously profound and romantic? It takes effort! It takes good writing/story telling! Maybe I’ll swoon with a kiss but the best thing about shipping for me is waiting for those ‘moments.’

And finally

You lash out to those who oppose your ship!

It’s simply counterproductive, disrespectful and overall stupid to start a ship war. I’m not one to rain on someone’s parade. I’m not going convince you to ship my pairing and I’m not going to threaten the author/creator/official for not making my ship canon. That’s plain absurd! Sure I’ll be disappointed but at the end of the day and as I said before: I enjoy the story regardless; I like the maturity of characters individually and will treasure those good moments between them. Shipping withstanding, I also enjoyed other aspects!

Are you also a shipper? Have any of you ship sunk? What did you do? Are you also been labeled in such way? Care to share it with me?


17 Responses to I’m debunking shippers’ stereotypes!

  1. THIS POST. *applause for Mitchii* Honestly, hearing people stereotyping shippers hurts me because I also ship hard. But my ships really have nothing to do with with how I love the rest of a book (the story, the characters, their development/growth, the plot) and in fact my ships start from these little things. Like you, I usually get invested in the story first before I ship. And those all we want is an HEA claims- ugh. I ship Nikolina (Shadow and Bone series) but will I hate the ending if they don’t get together? No. Also, that last stereotype- so not true. I ship Malina and Alarkling as much as I do Nikolina. I WILL HAVE AS MANY SHIPS AS I WANT AND I WILL BE THANKFUL THEIR ADVENTURES WHETHER MY SHIP SINK OR SAIL.

    • Mitchii G. says:

      I know right? It’s like we’re these shallow fans who are after one thing which isn’t true. yes, we could be a little bit passionate with our pairings but we’re not donning rose colored glasses and disregard other aspect. We ship but that’s not only it!

      Thanks Hazel!

  2. Alysia says:

    “I also favor a type of relationship where the couples showcase their individual growth and at the same time boost each other as well, ” I love this!! I am in complete agreement, especially about the character growth in books and how their separate growth helps evolve the relationship so well, and how they deal with their struggles. And I’m sitting here trying to remember if any of my ships sunk but all I can remember is Harry/Hermoine for me, haha, so I think I’ve had a good eye for ships so far.

    • Mitchii G. says:

      You’re so lucky, it’s really heartbreaking and quite disappointing ti have invested on a couple and didn’t become canon. But my fallback are always their character development & those moments. So in the end, I still believe shipping them is worth it.

  3. YES to all of this! I’m a shipper, but I’m not a huge fan of romance (yes, I’m complicated) I just don’t want a story based on romance; I want a book where this is PART of the story. I also want characters to grow, it’s important they develop and this is realistic to happen, even when you are in a relationship.

    • Mitchii G. says:

      I understand! It’s why I’m inclined to ship couples from stories that weren’t heavily romantic in the first place (I know, it’s strange). I’m glad that most shippers do need the development and not just the romance.

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  5. Shannelle says:

    I just internally ship everything a lot, and I spend a lot of Tumblr! I never even knew there was a bad rep for shipping. But this post is just full of the awesome.

    I mean, seriously, I could root for a romance to happen, but I want EVERYTHING to develop. I don’t want a horrible show with a good romance, and I don’t want a rushed relationship just to get them together. I may ship, but I also want good shows and good books.

    • Mitchii G. says:

      Tumblr is a magical place for fangirls. You are bound to meet someone like you/us.

      Oh girl, you haven’t seen a ship war, do you? It’s pretty nasty and it can get personal, haha. But seriously, I don’t like romance for the sake of it even if I want the couple to end up badly; like you I want everything to develop as well. :3

  6. Thank you for debunking these myths! I love to ship a wide variety of things. I’m currently in the midst of a Destiel obsession AND I DO NOT EVEN WATCH SUPERNATURAL. Do I NEED the romance? No, but it makes things a lot more interesting. Except when one of the characters dies. Then it’s heartbreak.

  7. Leigh says:

    Oh I think I’m the opposite! I rarely ship couples in books, and when I do, I don’t really ship them hard. I just get excited when they finally realize they like each other but that’s it haha. Also, I totally agree with you about the whole kissing and sex thing. I love it when it happens at the right moment and you just feel all the feels! There is this one book I recently read called Life Unaware by Cole Gibsen (it’s out in April) and omg it was sooo good! The romance was awesome! I had butterflies in my stomach whenever the girl and the guy had cute moments etc.

    • Mitchii G. says:

      That’s good for you. I recently following bunch of series and I don’t ship anyone in it, makes the reading quite refreshing.

  8. Sydney says:

    So much yes for this post! I’m actually a more serious tv shipper than I am a book shipper. In books I tend to fluctuate a lot, or I don’t get as passionate about the ships. Like Throne of Glass is my favorite series, but I don’t ship Celaena with anyone — I just want her to freakin’ kick everyone’s ass and conquer the kingdom! But I do have moments where I prefer her with one or the other. 😉

    For me, shipping is fun but also a bit stressful. My OTP is Dean and Cas from Supernatural and that is a VERY stressful ship to have. And I couldn’t help but think of them throughout all of these points! I’ve loved the show for longer than I’ve loved the ship, and I value their character development more than their relationship development.

    Also, I have a huge problem with shippers who insult other shippers. >.> It’s such a huuuuge waste of time.

    Awesome post, Mitchii! 😀

    • Mitchii G. says:

      Not much of TV watcher but I think the intensity is still the same? I actually like Chaol for Celeana but I agree I’m so interested to see her kicking some major ass!

      You can say that. I’m stressed out reading people doing shitty moves because their OTPs didn’t become canon. People do weird stuff for these things. It’s too passionate as it is toxic. T.T

  9. Megan says:

    Hirunaka no Ryuusei… I am so happy with how that one turned out. I haven’t read the last chapter yet, but as with pretty much EVERYTHING ELSE, I got spoiled about who Suzume ended up with in the end. *sobs* People are so inconsiderate! Anyway, I love Mamura so much and his cute blushes. Shishio can go rot in a hole somewhere for all I care, bahaha. xP

    I don’t consider myself much of a shipper, but I’m quickly becoming one. Definitely agree that romance isn’t a must for anything. I mean, I’m already so picky with my romance in YA books, so it’s not something I need in order to enjoy a book! And… not shipping anyone (not much, anyway) in Tokyo Ghoul is for the best. YOU NEVER KNOW WHO’S GOING TO DIE NEXT.

    Oh gosh, who the hell even believes that we don’t need development in character relationships?! That’s instalove and one of the things I hate the most! And yeah, mostly the reason I jump on board a ship is because I can actually see romance between them happening, not because of any other reason, really. Same goes for the individual character development. I can’t fully support a ship unless I truly love the characters and know them quite well!

    Super agree about subtlety, too; it’s such a shame that so many people think that there needs to be lots of kissing and/or sex in order for readers to get really passionate about the ship. Like, NO. In fact, I think that ships that make me think, “KISS NOW” are the best ones, because it shows that the author did a really good job creating chemistry between the two characters without needing to resort to “physical” actions.

    You tell ’em how shippers do, girl! ;D

    • Mitchii G. says:

      I might be this inconsiderate fangirl who spazzed on twitter about the ending (gomen ne).

      The shipper world is as beautiful as it is ugly. It can give you all the feels but once the ship sinks, you will feel all the pain in the world, LMAO. xD

      IKR? Subtlety is hard to pull off. So major props to authors who want to highlight this part of the relationship. xD

      Hai! *salutes*

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