I think the year started quite right for me. I made some good decisions, goal planning (something personal!) and brainstorming post ideas for the blog and whatnots. I have some stuff prepared for February too & I couldn’t be happier how productive I am right now! Book wise, I’m still a little behind (who am I kidding, A LOT! I’m behind like a lot!) So don’t be fooled by the number of my GR challenge because I read an amazing manhwa series (I’ll be posting a rec post later—which I already written anyway). But other stuff, yeah, I think I’m pretty steady and I love it.

January in Nutshell Other fandoms, passion & whatnots:
  • Oh my gosh, I think I just uncovered great manga, manhwa series. I marathon a heck of a lot of series, like Ballroom e Yokuso, Piano no Mori and The Breaker (+ sequel: The Breaker: New Waves—SO OBSSESED WITH THIS SERIES, I CAN’T! I NEED SEASON 3 PRETTY BAD. SO MUCH IT HURTS!!! *coughs* These were just few of the series I read last month (expect some rec posts soonish~)So…um, yeah apart I just recently disclosed my new fondness to webtoon or web comics. So yes, I’ve been doing lots of reading; but I hope I have the same strong drive and enthusiasm to tackle my bookish TBR. My books are weeping persistently. 😥
  • I ended up adding two new winter anime series to my watch list like Boku dake ga Inai Machi and Prince of Stride (famous seiyuu as much as the ears can hear! 😳 ). I am both enjoying these series so that’s good. Look forward for my usual first impression one of these days.
  • Ishida-sensei did a live art stream for New Year and it was so, so amazing to watch him drew live! That’s the closest thing to an author event we TG fans can have. He’s a very private person (in fact he used a voice modulator when he did the stream). But oh my gosh, he drew so fast! And like most fans noticed his playlist was wicked! Here’s the final look of the art in case you’re curious.
I look forward to—!
  • I have some shoujo fanfare prepared for this month. You know how much I love shoujo/josei series so I’ll be posting some tidbits here and there. It’s the love month so I dare create a reason to showcase my obsession. HAHA!
  • I signed up for #loveathon. I saw very encouraging tweets and posts last year. It’s a good thing that it is hosted by four amazing bloggers so I get to see their sign-up deets (I’m glad I didn’t miss it out this time. I tend to overlook this kind of event because I’m not very active person, haha). So yep, my very first time to join community wide activity like this, so um, よろしくお願いします。(I’m in your care.) 😉

As I said it was a pretty steady month for me. I was equally parts productive and lazy but if I were to really assess it, it was really a good month. A good start I must say. Thank You Lord. I’m blessed! 🙂

So that’s what had rolled down this January, so now I turn over to you beautiful people: How was January?! How’s the resolution? Fun? Exciting? Whatever that is, share it with me!!!