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T'was stressful month indeed! Oh no, I'm not only talking...

T’was stressful month indeed! Oh no, I’m not only talking about the pandemic but there were some adulting stuff that I needed (the required me to leave the house which was honestly terrifying for hypochondriac like myself!) and some TMI period woes that shot my hormones into a frenzy! But things did calm down afterwards. For someone who has anxiety I tend to overthink & play scenarios—most were worst-case kinds! So imagine the brouhaha my mind has been playing on me! *sighs* But in reality things went smoother than I expected.

So to temporarily ease my worries, I made sure to catch up on my monthly tasks and some other stuff that has been piling up for months now! So overall despite the stressful & chaotic vibe this July brought out of me, I had been productive most days!

Blogging in July: neglecting the true blog birthday, more preps to be done!

July is my blog’s original birth month (also my domain’s birthday!! 3 years as faiery!!) but I don’t celebrate it because I officially & publicly launched my blog in October 2010! But if this is counted, this little space has been serving some fannish & literary content for ten years!! Despite the grand number, I only made one post: No reading slumps for some months now! Intense reading mood to cope from everything! I already mentioned the reason why. In addition, I’m contemplating if I will take a time off in September in preparation of my new blog design (which I haven’t started coding!!) Just an idea but I want everything working in proper order before my new theme is unveiled!

Reading in July: big energy for reading, I read all sorts of things and it was fun!!

Bunny & one of her boys, Yeol!

Again pretty productive! In my recent blog post, I told y’all that I cope in this dire situation through reading. I made some good reading nights and I’m pretty happy about it! I was pretty evident of my current reads if y’all follow me on twitter I live tweeted what I was reading. Also shared caps of them! I made sure that my profile says that my twitter is not 100% spoiler free so 👀! I also live tweeted the ending of Haikyuu & I know some of my twitter friends aren’t up-to-date, sorry friends my fangirling cannot be controlled! Anyway here are my July reads!!

  1. 바른연애 길잡이 | A Guide to Proper Dating – this is a re-read and catch-a-thon and wow, it’s so cute and—just cute!!! I shipped FMC w/ the second boy w/ the soft tsundere attitude and am glad that the ship works out. They’re just adorable, I’m feeling all the fluff!
  2. Bite Maker | Bite Maker ~Ousama no Omega~ – I know mangaka-san’s earlier works are low-key smut but this series in particular is very, very naughty! Similar vibes w/ Wann’s Collide with all the guys pinning for that one special girl!
  3. 바니와 오빠들 | Bunny and Her Oppas – this reverse harem is the cutest in the most unpredictable way! All of the guys after Bunny are hotties and her girl pals were like “did you save a country in your past life” –cos all these high-spec college boys like her! So, so cuuute and funny!
  4. 황자님께 입덕합니다 | I’m Stanning the Prince – it was pretty slow start for me but eventually interest was piqued as I progressed! She created a fanfic for the deposed crown prince that led him the uncanny popularity that shook the current monarch!
  5. 수상한 메신저 | Invitation of Mystic Messenger – the overall vibe was pretty different from the characters from the game! So don’t expect that you’ll getting the same atmosphere as the chaotic but fun otome game! While the new MC was a nice girl something feels amiss but it was pretty entertaining so far.
  6. | Jiji Koi. 70-sai Yakuza, Wakagaette Koi Ni Tekozuru – the old man who also happens to be the leader of well-known yakuza family returned to his younger self. And when he couldn’t go back to his residence, a woman offered him a place to stay. Is this his second chance in love? Sooo fluff even though the girl was on her 30s and the guy’s technically 70 but they blushed like teenagers haha~
  7. | Jingi Naki Mukotori – I read this back to back w/ and it was really just a coincidence that it was also about yakuza. So the young lady from yakuza family wanted soft boi & crushing on this really cute part-timer, but it turned out he ain’t nothing like her dream boy—‘cos he’s also, like her, is part of yakuza org!
  8. 열불 로맨스 | Scorching Romance – I made long-ass twitter thread on Han-Sa’s name because gawd, webtoon why changed the name??? That Aspen, Colorado is still getting on my last nerve! Anyway, it was pretty funny webtoon series about a girl with high—near combusting—body temp and a boy who’s too susceptible to cold. Yep, the exact opposite and the way to lift the curse is through a kiss!
  9. | Sono Egao Suki Janai – very dramatic shoujo manga: girl was traumatized by her past relationship & avoided guys but that didn’t stop gossips around her. The guy approached her out of bet but only to fall for her for real! Nice, dramatic, but hardly memorable!
  10. 악녀의 남주님 | The Evil Lady’s Hero – one night stand turned to real dating! I actually like this—I mean I don’t love it…yet—but my impression is pretty solid as far as similar transmigration/villainess stories are concern!
  11. 화이트 블러드 | White Blood – pretty wild! I didn’t expect that the girl was this uber strong pure-blood vampire. It’s more shounen/action type feels than your average Twilight-esque romance and that’s a good thing (not that Twilight is bad, I still loved the books!!) Together w/ this good-looking investigator, they gonna bring all the bad vamps down!

Life in July: “pulled an all dayer and it was rough!” as I assess my adulting to-do tasks!!

July Spread + hush hush deets!
  • Pretty happy that my tasks weren’t as complicated as I thought! Though I only done 1 out 4 tasks but the first one I did was the most troublesome! So having it ticked off FINALLY from my to-do list made me 3× lighter! I just need to smooth the second one & while the rest I’ll do it once this whole-ass pandemic is over (goodness, I want this over!!!)
  • My niece’s birthday! She’s now a lady!! She’s so grown-up! *shed proud tita tears* I remember playing with her & feeding her & changing diaper but she’s a young lady now!! Time flew by so fast!! She requested to buy her art materials so I bought her new colorful gel pens, some fancy highlighters set and color pencils! I asked her to make me the most beautiful birthday card on my b-day!! (she never fails to give us birthday cards, she’s very sweet!!) The birthday itself was pretty normal dinner with family ‘cos yes, we’re still in quarantine, and w/ our number ballooning every day so I don’t think things will get back to normal soon.
  • Did some catching up w/ my journaling game! I’m now up-to-date! Although I’m not exactly happy with how I decorated and organized ny pages! But yeah, I’ll just have to do it or it’ll ended up again unused or lots of missing pages! I think I’m gonna go simpler journaling method next year. For now I’ll stick to this messy pages instead!! (I’m not sure why I bother it being super pretty when I’m the only one who reads it,,,,)
  • Stress was the name of the game! My period was pretty prompt! It always came in almost exactly 29 days & only lasted 4 days w/ the second day the heaviest! But my hormones drove into haywire & I had the longest period of my life YET!!! I’m not sure if it has to do w/ my age, I’m nearing my mid-30s now! Or the stressful thoughts I had! I got huge cystic on my face too & it pissed me off (good thing I stay indoors of if I have to leave I wear face masks)!!! I’m trying to drink spearmint tea which I heard is good for hormones! I also introduced new toner, CosRX’s AHA BHA Vitamin C Toner! It really made me face less oily (I have super duper oily t-zone)! It works fine so far though it didn’t really save me from cystic acne! But I just tried it recently so it’s too early to tell I guess…
  • Tons of anime came out on Netflix! Finally done w/ Black Clover so I’ll continue watching the anime or catch up with the manga! Also marathoned Haikyuu!! And the feels man!! The manga’s officially over but I’m still not over it! Watching the anime from start to current season assaulted me with heck of a ton of feels!! Gosh, I’m gonna miss these characters so bad! Also I have to catch up my manga collection ‘cos I halted collecting after some adult responsibilities that were given to me!

Looking Forward to August: eighth month of year, & perhaps our sixth month in quarantine! When are things going to get better? Asking for a friend (the friend is me!)

  • Continue to work on our my adult responsibilities! It would have been easier if we weren’t in the middle of pandemic! So I have to adjust some so I can finish them all! I know I should have done it sooner but no one expected things will escalate to a f*cking pandemic!! *is trying to calm down* Anyway, it is my responsibility, I hope they realized that it’s time for me to think of myself too. The way they put this on me feels like an atonement for the times I— 🙊 Oh well, I’ll stop before I go into more details!
  • Now that my commission work is done, I’m starting working on my design for my decade blog bash!! I’m pretty excited! It’s pretty much pink & clean like all my designs are! Like I said I’m thinking if I should I take a blog break but then again I’m not super active so I don’t know if it will make some difference. It’s still up on the air but yay! I’m so excited!
  • Also I hope to finish my workspace renovation (not entirely in one month)! I want to do this & since I have the most stuff I need so I will gradually put them together!
Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need. —Hebrews 4:16 | NIV
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