I’ve been eyeing Tokyo Ghoul (東京喰種-トーキョーグール-) ever since I saw the summer anime list. There’s something about that creepy mask that spoke to me (ok, that sounds really, well, creepy *chuckles*). Everyone has been raving about it and here I was fidgeting in the corner because I’m afraid to start a series that my gut feeling is telling that I will love it but stopping herself for the reason that she’ll end up frustrated because she needs to wait weekly.

Well, I caved in and everything that in my mind was right. I love it! And I’m frustrated because I have to wait every week for the new episodes (but then again I have the manga but the anime’s art is so gorgeous my eyeballs are dancing with glee).

The first two episodes done a good job setting up the series on a solid ground. I know exactly what’s about even though I went in completely blind. But most of all it lured successfully into the story. There’s something about the premise that really intrigued, interest me to know further. And did I say the animation was superb. I’m actually surprised that Studio Pierrot is doing the show. Man, I judge them too soon (with the basis of their other series).

I liked how looked fragile, innocent guy Kaneki was before this tragedy befell him. I can’t help but to empathize with his character and what has happened to him. I took a peak to the manga and what I saw really makes me happy to start reading this soon. I love seeing character’s maturity that transpired because of the things surrounds him. Brought by his experiences. And according he will become an anti-hero, how? That I’m excited to know.

PS: Isn’t the opening song awesome? I think I have watched it more than 20 times. Just like Abnormalize, it has this addicting music and guitar riffs? *chills*