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It’s not like it’s my very first time to watch...


It’s not like it’s my very first time to watch Gintama 「銀魂」 prior to my ‘awakening’ so to speak. I did watched it before, even laughed at the silliness and confused over the little plot (or the lack of thereof). But I think I needed to right to reintroduce to this amazingness that is Sorachi’s work.

My sister labeled me as the tsukomi whenever she was watching Gintama and me accompanying because of my lack of better thing to do. Ok, so I admit it was silly and completely hilarious, yet the few episodes I did watch didn’t speak to me. It didn’t convince me to try. Then BAM, Ikkoku Keisei Arc happened while it was airing in local anime cable channel…I was surprised and…impressed. I realized how awesome this series is beyond the cracks and bullshit plaguing it most of the time. My sister was saying to me that I haven’t seen Gin-chan serious. Nope, I haven’t watched him do all this badassery moves and least of all the flashback, which is to say is the most evaded topic in the story (right Gin? Sorachi-sensei?)

Of course shipping is to be expected. I didn’t ship anyone when I got hooked at this series. It was when I started reading the latest arc in the manga (The Love Potion arc), which was heavily hinted of Gin and Tsukuyo when I started seeing something. I mean, Gin is so badass, he needed a female equivalent. I think it’s a farfetched idea and I don’t think it’s worth investing on shipping in this series in particular because of the nature. But my shipper’s heart can’t help to root this one. Hey, Sorachi, troll on this couple whenever you can, I don’t mind the wait!

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