Ok, since I remember it and I’m slacking on doing things I am supposed to do, I decided to post my most anticipated anime for Autumn 2014. Ok, the summer anime were pretty fab! I’m really enjoying the shows: Gekkan, Barakamon, Ao Haru Ride and of course Tokyo Ghoul. Some started good but eventually missed my heart and sunk low, like Zankyou no Terror for instance. But nevertheless the shows I’m watching right now are pretty awesome. But I’m definitely can’t wait for the Fall line-up to currently air. I’m loving the PVs so far and it really pumps me up to watch them next month (I think most ‘em will start in October). I’ll list down those I’m interested (for some excited!) and who knows I might add a few one based on the feedback I’ll get (just like I did this season).

Ready? Ok, let’s start:

Akastuki no Yona • Do I really need to tell you how much I LOVE this series?! I just posted yesterday my fangirl outburst over this series. I finally caught up to the latest chapter (94). And to think that it almost has 100 chapters still felt short to me. Gaaah, I want some Hak, then Jaehe, maybe a little bit of Shin-ah and Kaji. And ok, a bit of Zeno. Ugh, seriously, the characters are awesome. This is what I love about reverse harem shoujo, it’s so hard to pick. I even considering So Won, even though at start he was the bad guy (and it looks like he wasn’t that bad and indeed he has a reason!). Studio Pierrot is producing the series. Scared because I saw a character that was supposed to be much later in the volumes. So is it safe to assume that it’ll go the same path as TG? Uber fast! Nooooo!

Donten ni Warau • Ok, three ikemen? Old japan time with bit action? Yes, please. I have no knowledge of this series but from the looks of the PV it sounds interesting so I decided to check it out once it airs.

Nanatsu no Taizai • I’m slowly getting into the manga. It really gives me the Fairy Tale vibe and I’m not that fan of the latter. But I’m hopeful, I did like it slightly better than FT though (I hope that counts!)

Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji • Kyaaaa! Ookami is one my fave shoujo series even though there are many times I want to kick Kyouya to the next oblivion (can’t you be denser, dude?!) But I’m enjoying this series; it has fluff and humor, that’s enough for me! xD

Psycho Pass 2 • More Ginoza sans the eyeglasses PLEASE!! Plus, I’m excited because he’s now an enforcer so I wanted to see him more in action than back he was this strict inspector before. And of course, I’m still wondering what is happening to Kougami.

Terra Formars • I want to know what will happen after the BUGS 2 incident. So yes, I want more. So I’ll be watching this!

World Trigger • I check the first chapter. Interesting concept but I might watch it first if it’s worth continuing the manga!

Yowamushi Pedal • Still in the middle of first season. But once I catch up, I definitely gonna watch this season, too!