Personal / celebrating women's day with this sparklign post for my fella ladies!

Happy Women’s Day! 🦸‍♀️ So it’s our day (month), ladies. All the period woes & the undergarment complaints and whatnots, I’m proud to say that I love being a girl! ❤ So yeah, this one is a celebratory post! 🎉🥳 I just like to highlight the kind of woman I am, and how I express that in association with the things I like! I believe you cannot box women into one kind of stereotype! Each one of us are unique (people in general are unique). And in this modern era, women aren’t shackled by the normies standard anymore. 😙 And that’s good! We are free to express ourselves.

Expression! 📣 Yeah, that’s really my main point here. I’m glad that we have platforms to express ourselves now. To share our passion and thoughts. I couldn’t imagine the struggles of women from before, it must had been hard, when they had yet to have these avenues. Where women’s opinion were silenced! But there women who fought and those women paved way to where we are now. Women has contributed many things to our society! And even that, there are still so many work to be done! Women are strong beings!!

Strong independent isn’t about having masculine features or attributes. We can be vibing in cute and pastel colors and still can be called strong ladies! 👸 I see nothing weak about being chic. I think a person who remain themselves are the strongest. When society still dictates people how to behave and present themselves, and you, your person, still keeps your integrity intact, that is so commendable. That says so much! It’s easy to lost yourself when there are so much noise everywhere. Trying to second guess ourselves and what we want to be. So having a firm grasp of who you are, personally, is your greatest salvation!

I love pink, if that isn’t obvious with my blog’s aesthetics. 😉 I am also one of those girl who work in IT w/ majority of my colleagues are guys! Yeah, women in IT! Still, I like to strut in my chic clothes and don my pastel-colored rim glasses! And yep, every night I seek reads that makes me swoon! And these are all me! Girls, ladies, women—you go you! We can be whatever we want! We are varied, we are different versions! Celebrate your feminity in various ways you know how! You’re strong girl!

Photo by Guus Baggermans on Unsplash