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Here I share what I think & how I use my rights as reader!

Here I share what I think & how I use my rights as a reader!

I was browsing goodreads when I noticed this quote by Daniel Pennac. This inspired me to write this post. When I liked this quote before I thought it was really interesting and on-the-spot (if I say so myself). It really applies to what I believe reading should be. I think I might have abused some of these rights for my own selfish benefit. :yesyes:

The right to not read.

Yes! I’m quite frustrated when people asked me why I don’t read certain books. Like I don’t want to read TFIOS for example, because I knew from my gut that I wouldn’t like it. Or I’m very reluctant to read classics because it’s not really something I particularly enjoy. First and foremost I read for fun, that’s my goal. It’s a hobby I’m very passionate about. That being said people have their own reason why they read which affect on what they, well, don’t. Elizabeth wrote a very interesting post about it; you guys better check it out.

The right to skip pages.

I skip/skim pages when events feel like filler. Those events were neither build-up nor significant to the grand scheme of things. Most of them are mundane activities that the sole purpose is to expand the story. What warrants it? I’m not sure but I know one if I read one.

Also, if it’s really tedious and I just want to get to the good parts already I skip! Yes, I skip and I’m not ashamed to admit that!

The right to not finish.

You guys know that some books are not meant to be finished. It sucks, you’re frustrated and you want to cut all those negative turmoil building inside of you immediately. The best way is to stop. It’s not my kind of book and I don’t wanna waste my time on it (more than I already did). :angry:

The right to reread.

You guys know that I love re-reading. I might have explained that deet before in this post. Some books deserved to be read more than once! Or sometimes thrice!

The right to read anything.

I’m full-pledge adult but I love reading books marketed for teens. Is that wrong? No. And you shouldn’t be embarrassed to read anything you damn want. Why do people try to restrict themselves of their options? I will never ever limit myself and my reading choices. If I found something I know I’ll like even if it’s a children’s book I will still read it. Reading anything I fancy is my prerogative. ;D

The right to escapism.

Yep! Yep! Yep! I love drowning in stories, places and worlds that I know I will never experience. It also calms me down when anxiety kicks in. HAHA To be able to escape and see before me the lives of these characters that I grow to love is an exhilarating feeling. Sometimes you need an escape and reading is one of the best choices out there!

The right to read anywhere.

Ok, so I don’t usually read anywhere. Any noise places sour my mood for some reading. Same goes to places I feel uncomfortable with. But we’re allowed to read in any place and not just in the comfort of our homes or the library. Take your books to the beach! To road trips! Anywhere!

The right to browse.

I browse. I love browsing (but don’t open it if its still sealed). I want to at least try it first before buying them. I cheapskate, I buy things that I know I really love. A little sneak peek won’t hurt!

The right to read out loud.

I’m not really one that reads loud. My grandma reads out loud, not loud as in yelling but I can hear her murmur some words. If I were her I’ll be exhausted by page 3. But hey if you’re comfortable reading out loud then go ahead as long you’re not disturbing anyone.

The right to not defend your tastes.

In connection to number 5, we really don’t need to defend out tastes. Period! I’m tired of hearing of people belittling adults who enjoy reading YA. We’re allowed to read anything and from those choices you mold some sort of preferences. It is something you personally achieve so detractors shouldn’t have to right to demean me/us. So yes, I don’t own them explanation and neither are you!

So how about you? Are you aware of the reader’s bill of right? Which of these do you often use? Whats is your take on it? Care to share me your thoughts? :heart:

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