On your left is a manhwa (만화), Bride of the Water God (하백의 신부) by Yun Mi-kyung. It is read from left to right. While manga (漫画) is read from right to left like Kamisama Kiss by Juliette Suzuki. Even their sizes are different, no?

Usually, I just shrug off people whims and whatnots because I do have one of them and I don’t like being ridiculed/pointed out about it. But you know what, when I see one it really does tick me; but I won’t do anything. I’ll just gonna groan inwardly and let the person be. I’m not one to call a person out but for transparency sake I would like to share some of my irrational pet peeves. So yeah, here I share! (Hopefully I don’t offend anyone).

I don’t like graphic novels that are not made in Japan to be called manga.

Nor do I like animated shows with “anime” style to be labeled anime. If it’s not made in Japan it’s not anime and manga to me. So yes, Avatar by Nickelodeon is not anime as long as I define it. And so are those books with graphic novels adaptation are not manga as well (e.g. Twilight, Mortal Instrument, and Soulless). Korean has manhwa, Chinese has manhua. Westerns have comics or as I called ‘em graphic novels (which I synonymously called comics regardless of origin). Even New York Times separates manga from other graphic novels in their list. I know some people don’t mind but I do—passionately for some reason. So if I asked a manga and you recommend The Breaker by Geuk-Jin Jeon and Jin-Hwan Park, I’m going to look at you with judgment in my eyes (haha, but mostly annoyance). That’s a manhwa, darn it!!! (Trivia: I can distinguish Chinese, Japanese & Korean language so I’ll know.)

(I might write a tl;dr version of this topic one of these days so I can fully explain why. It could be long though, haha.)

When books were labeled just “because”.

I know we already been there being deceived by the cover, by the summary and even sometimes the genre. Like, for example, I want books about music and so I search one under this category, only to find out that 1% is music (like for appearance sake, yes, NA books I’m looking at you!) and 99% is romance. I’m not happy when it’s labeled as such just because it has miniscule (like so small!) amount of the subject. For me, it does not make it fit in this category. Or maybe I’m just too obsessive with my labels.

I also don’t like when people call print/physical copies, “REAL” books.

One my biggest bookish pet peeves actually, but I think I already said my piece here.

I massively loathed non-uniformed print copies.

Nothing annoyed me more than buying a book, love it to pieces just to find out that the publisher redesigned it mid-series! Not only does it render my copy sort of useless (well, not really but you know it’s different from the others) but mostly because…IT JUST DON’T LOOK GOOD ON THE SHELF *cries because of her irrational peculiarities*

Sometimes I don’t like being randomly recommended.

I do LOVE being recommended, let’s clear that issue up first. I just don’t like being randomly & personally pitching me titles, especially it’s not a genre I usually read or books I already read and loathed. It is also why I prefer to ask people or search it on my own. There were so many times already where I was recommended to read Stormdancer, Divergent (and the sequels), Fault in our Stars when I already voiced my opinion on these titles (adamantly & evidently if I say so). If you didn’t know that’s ok, I’m not gonna lash at you but it does leave me feeling really exasperated… “not these books again. *sighs*”

(I hope you’re not scared of recommending me books.)

That’s it (or that’s it for now). How about you do you have pet peeves, fannish or otherwise? Hey, no judging here but I do love to know! XD