On your left is a manhwa (만화), Bride of the Water God (하백의 신부) by Yun Mi-kyung. It is read from left to right. While manga (漫画) is read from right to left like Kamisama Kiss by Juliette Suzuki. Even their sizes are different, no?

Usually, I just shrug off people whims and whatnots because I do have one of them and I don’t like being ridiculed/pointed out about it. But you know what, when I see one it really does tick me; but I won’t do anything. I’ll just gonna groan inwardly and let the person be. I’m not one to call a person out but for transparency sake I would like to share some of my irrational pet peeves. So yeah, here I share! (Hopefully I don’t offend anyone).

I don’t like graphic novels that are not made in Japan to be called manga.

Nor do I like animated shows with “anime” style to be labeled anime. If it’s not made in Japan it’s not anime and manga to me. So yes, Avatar by Nickelodeon is not anime as long as I define it. And so are those books with graphic novels adaptation are not manga as well (e.g. Twilight, Mortal Instrument, and Soulless). Korean has manhwa, Chinese has manhua. Westerns have comics or as I called ‘em graphic novels (which I synonymously called comics regardless of origin). Even New York Times separates manga from other graphic novels in their list. I know some people don’t mind but I do—passionately for some reason. So if I asked a manga and you recommend The Breaker by Geuk-Jin Jeon and Jin-Hwan Park, I’m going to look at you with judgment in my eyes (haha, but mostly annoyance). That’s a manhwa, darn it!!! (Trivia: I can distinguish Chinese, Japanese & Korean language so I’ll know.)

(I might write a tl;dr version of this topic one of these days so I can fully explain why. It could be long though, haha.)

When books were labeled just “because”.

I know we already been there being deceived by the cover, by the summary and even sometimes the genre. Like, for example, I want books about music and so I search one under this category, only to find out that 1% is music (like for appearance sake, yes, NA books I’m looking at you!) and 99% is romance. I’m not happy when it’s labeled as such just because it has miniscule (like so small!) amount of the subject. For me, it does not make it fit in this category. Or maybe I’m just too obsessive with my labels.

I also don’t like when people call print/physical copies, “REAL” books.

One my biggest bookish pet peeves actually, but I think I already said my piece here.

I massively loathed non-uniformed print copies.

Nothing annoyed me more than buying a book, love it to pieces just to find out that the publisher redesigned it mid-series! Not only does it render my copy sort of useless (well, not really but you know it’s different from the others) but mostly because…IT JUST DON’T LOOK GOOD ON THE SHELF *cries because of her irrational peculiarities*

Sometimes I don’t like being randomly recommended.

I do LOVE being recommended, let’s clear that issue up first. I just don’t like being randomly & personally pitching me titles, especially it’s not a genre I usually read or books I already read and loathed. It is also why I prefer to ask people or search it on my own. There were so many times already where I was recommended to read Stormdancer, Divergent (and the sequels), Fault in our Stars when I already voiced my opinion on these titles (adamantly & evidently if I say so). If you didn’t know that’s ok, I’m not gonna lash at you but it does leave me feeling really exasperated… “not these books again. *sighs*”

(I hope you’re not scared of recommending me books.)

That’s it (or that’s it for now). How about you do you have pet peeves, fannish or otherwise? Hey, no judging here but I do love to know! XD


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  1. Alysia says:

    I get a bit bothered when others label american graphic novels and such as manga. Especially since manga is culturally distinct to Japan, just like the art styles are. Same goes for the term real books. I just say hard copies or physical copies too. And yes at un-uniform series!! This happens much too often for my liking. Why not wait until the series is complete to redesign ALL of the books together or something.

    • Mitchii G. says:

      Exactly! It bothers me when they just think any comics with similar style are manga. We do also have Filipino comics that are heavily manga inspired art but the story and overall vibe is still not the same. Calling print books real and think it’s far superior really annoys me somehow.

      Ugh, right, finish the series then make a new design. Some bibliophiles like their copies uniformed!

  2. Megan says:

    I guess I haven’t been a manga lover for as long as you, so it doesn’t really bother me when a manhwa is called a manga. /pleasedon’tkillme >< But maybe it's also due to the fact that I haven't read a single manhwa, even though I've been telling myself to! I didn't know they were read from left-to-right, though. I always thought all Asian countries would follow the right-to-left tradition, because Mandarin books are read like that, too.

    Haha, that's the main reason why I stay away from NA books. I'm most likely going to be disappointed PLUS frustrated.

    I better make sure to look through your read pile carefully before I make you any recommendations, Mitchii. 😉 That being said… I *highly* recommend Harry Potter! Okay, it might be for middle grade readers, but that's only for the first few books. After that, THINGS GET SO DARK AND HEARTBREAKING. I can't find any HP books on your GR shelves, sooo… ^_^"

    Most of my pet peeves you already listed down there, but another thing I really, really hate is when publishers compare the book to another bestseller just to get attention. And I'm like, every book is different, every book deserves to be looked at uniquely, NOT compared to another "in" book! If I were an author I wouldn't be very happy if people said my book was similar to another one. I want to be original, you know?

    Rant over, heh.

    • Mitchii G. says:

      I can’t promise. LOL j/k It’s just me, I can easily set them apart. If you read manhwa you can pinpoint the difference. I don’t know but I’m slightly annoyed when they tell me that this title is manga when I know it’s not. As long you don’t tell me, then it’s ok…I guess, haha.
      Most are so shallow!!!! If you’re after romance, some NAs are good.
      Haha, that’s alright. I’ve been meaning to read HP but for some reason I don’t want to. I’ve watched all the movies though. Yes, I also don’t like that. They’re riding other titles’ fame, and I find that unfair. And same as you, if I were the writer I rather want my book marketed as unique not just doppelganger of some famous book.

  3. This is kind of related, but the opposite. I hate it when people call manga COMICS. *screaming* Manga is manga. They are not comics oh my lord. They are so very different, and whenever people call a manga a comic I kind of curl my lip on the inside. But I rarely say anything because I don’t want to come across as rude, and can’t be bothered, haha.
    I would definitely read your longer post on that topic by the way, Mitchii!

    I’m pretty particular with my categories/labels, too. For example, I don’t really count a book with an LGBT+ side character as an LGBT+ book. For that, it has to be about an LGBT+ person and THEIR story, not someone else’s.

    HAHA. No. All books are real books.

    I actually wrote a whole post on how much I hate redesigned covers, especially if they do it halfway and only release the later books with the new design! I NEED my books in a series to match, otherwise I just get annoyed every time I look at them, haha.

    I don’t think I’ve ever been randomly recommended, but sometimes seeing the same book recommended to me over and over does kind of get on my nerves. And most of the time, I never end up loving the book, anyway, which just serves to disappoint.

    Other than the ones you’ve pointed out and I’ve added on, I don’t think I have any huge pet peeves. At least not that I can think of right now XD

    • Mitchii G. says:

      I don’t mind the term comic, because it is a comic. But it just manga has just distinct style that it makes me annoyed that people label ’em in some way. I mean I won’t call you out but it somehow pop a nerve when mentioned in front of me.


      I know, they need to match. My love for symmetry is crying when I see then uneven. T.T

      Yes, that situation, like I already said no, let’s end it that way. 😛

  4. Charlotte says:

    Oh boy I hate it when people mislabel cartoons, comics etc. as manga or anime. I am a huge fan of the Avatar series so whenever someone labels it as anime my eye starts twitching because it definitely isn’t but should be classified as a cartoon.

    I think the labeling can be slightly subjective because where do we draw the line? Do we give it the label if it even has an ounce of the topic or do we limit it only to those that gives the topic a certain amount of significance?

    I feel you on the random recommendations. I’m a lot pickier on what I read now and choose books I have a higher likelihood of enjoying so I don’t appreciate any old recommendations, only from friends who I share similar tastes with or whom I know I can trust in their opinion. It’s nothing personal but I’d rather not waste my time in reading something I know I’m not going to like. I really didn’t like it when people kept telling me to read Insurgent or telling me to continue the Mara Dyer series and that ‘it would get better’. I know they enjoyed it but I didn’t and I don’t appreciate the pushing since I knew I wasn’t going to enjoy the sequels.

    • Mitchii G. says:

      Even if the style is similar, I always associate it with Japanese bc it is theirs. So it bugs me when they generalize it.

      My problem is how they market the books. Like on some books they tell us that it is about music, blah, blah when in fact, music is mentioned but it’s not about it. It is what frustrates me sometimes. :/

      Yes, yes, yes! No book pushing on books I already declined. I find it pointless, I’m not gonna read it now, not gonna read it ever.

  5. Valerie says:

    oh I completely agree with your number 1 pet peeve. I don’t usually read manhwa or manhua, but I think sites do a good job at distinguishing them (no one recommends me anything so I can’t say anything about that). However, on the other hand, Avatar is NOT anime, and manga is NOT comics. To me, graphic novels describe the entire category (blame Barnes and Noble’s labeling LOL.), and then there are specified categories within. That’s the way I see it at least.

    Hmmm. I can’t really think of any other fannish pet peeves at the moment. I don’t like to express my fandoms as much since I keep it to myself. But there was one time where I went to an anime convention, and I hated it because I just felt so out of place and there were some obnoxious people at some panels. I don’t think that’s necessarily a pet peeve though 😛

    • Mitchii G. says:

      I actually like the term “graphic novels,” especially manga as they are more than we normally categorize comics. Manga is nothing like Peanuts (not that there’s something wrong with that) but manga offer more than what we normally see in comics.

      I went to one too and felt so out of place, haha. The know-it-all type does irks me sometimes. 😛

  6. Oh man I feel you with a lot of these pet peeves. Especially the anime/manga one. Even if the style of drawing and book formatting is similar, IT”S NOT THE SAME THING SO WHY DO YOU CALL IT SO???

    The most irritating type of non uniform print copies? When the covers much but one is SLIGHTLY taller than the other. And I mean by a tiny amount like a centimetre. I can’t deal with that.

    And I rarely randomly recommend other than to my closest friends. I might ask if someone has read a book just for conversation’s sake, but I never shout “you need to read this” to a specific person without knowing their tastes first.

    • Mitchii G. says:

      I know, right! The difference is so obvious so I don’t get why the confusion?

      Ugh, more than the design, the height pisses me off more. They look so awkward. T.T

      haha, excatly!

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  8. Oh y gosh yes I hate it when my books don’t match up. Like I have the infernal devices series but the second book is like huge compared to the first and the last and it looks so freaking awkward so I’ll have to fix that and give the one i have right now away. yeah, even worse when the publisher decides it’s time for a redesign. <.<

    Lovely post, Mitchii! <33 (If you were wondering, we will be sending you an email about the blog design soon, I promise! Sorry it's taken a while 😛 )

    • Mitchii G. says:

      It’s ok for standalone, but series is different matter. Like Alysia said, finish the series then do the redesign.

      Ah, that’s ok! Take your time. 😀

  9. Jackie says:

    I’m not passionate about manga or anime, but I guess I’m pretty interested in Japanese culture and language having studied it in college, so it bothers me when people call American comics with manga stylizations “manga”. Because it’s not just style that makes something manga, it’s the culture too. That being said, I’m not too knowledgeable about Korean and Chinese graphic novels, so I wouldn’t have been put off if someone called manhwa “manga”. (I wouldn’t have known any better!)

    • Mitchii G. says:

      Yes, it’s also the culture! I think I’ve read enough to distinguish which one is which. I understand newbies though if they get confused. 😛

  10. Shannelle C. says:

    I’m sorry, but I label Avatar as anime because of the style! I love the art for that one. But I guess I can agree with manga, because those manhua and manga are definitely different categories.

    And I think everyone hates it when publishers pull a redesign. I don’t know why they even put readers through all that.

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