I touched the unknown ground called webcomic/toon—the very same place the snob, manga elitist Mitchii of before avoided like a plague. I like the traditional look that manga or the usual black and white pages I’ve grown accustomed to better; and forgive me manhwa lovers I just don’t like the art style (of course there’s an exemption to this rule because I do love the art of Goong and Bride of the Water God but those messy hairstyles, eccentric fashion style and liberated choice of colors don’t suit my very singular palate). But my curiosity has been bugging me to try it out. I might be missing out some gems because I boxed myself into this safety net. What’s wrong with trying it out? Nothing right?

Last weekend I read ReLIFE by Sou Yayoi. It is a webcomic, available to read at I heard there’s going to be an anime coming this year so you could say that curiosity rose to a higher level. Can’t ignore the call so I conceded. I tried it. I read it. And I ended up being too much obsessed with it. The story is about the guy who was given a chance to rehash his teen year for a year. Easy to think that everything will go smoothly because he already done this before but he realized that it was harder than he thought (he failed every freaking test, haha—then again if that’s me I’ll probably flunked my test too, I honestly forgot what I learned in high school). But seriously this series made rethink some things, haha.

Being so obsessed with it made me tried several webcomics, this time Korean and I really liked the romance genre the most. Really liked Untouchable by massstar. Perhaps you think you’re already tired of vampire stories? This one gives an original twist to it; instead of sucking human’s blood they get their energies via touching. When female MC touched this man she couldn’t forget the taste of his ‘clean’ energy; but tough luck for her because they guy has OCD hence he detests being touched. It was hilarious at first but there’s part mystery, and of course swoon fest as expected. *coughs* Jihoo is freaking gorgeous *coughs*

I’m also trying Cheese in the Trap because I heard that there’s ongoing K-drama series.(Plus it’s all over tumblr). It was different from what I expected (and from floating images I saw I thought it has some dramatic, love triangle in there). I was wrong (dammit!) but nevertheless it was very interesting because the girl was not taken by the guy. In reality she thought he’s hiding something. She’s not buying that good boy façade. She feels like he’s planning things against her. The part of who he really is & what his motivations, goals are what drive me to continue. (though I would love some romance too, plus who’s the other guy in the images I saw?) Aaaah~ such fun college drama!

The great thing about this it is available for free you can check (for the English) or if you know/can read Korean check site as well. For Japanese, is the only site I know that has this features/service. Happy reading guys!