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Author: (Kissed by Death #1) Series: Tara A. Fuller Published:...

Author: (Kissed by Death #1)
Series: Tara A. Fuller
Published: August 28th 2012
Publisher:  Entangled Teen
Categories: Fantasy, Paranormal

There’s nothing much I can say about Inbetween. I expected more of the scythe swinging action but unfortunately that wasn’t the case. It’s another “one of those books” with same formula that’s plaguing the YA genre now. It does have unique moments to offer but that didn’t completely satisfy me. It wasn’t that bad but I was expecting more from it, I guess.

What really disappoints me is that I thought this book could balance the paranormal and romance aspect of the plot. But I shouldn’t be surprised that it turned out that romance once again dominates the story. I mean the “reaper in love” in the synopsis should have been my clue that this is going to be a romance book with paranormal twist. It’s such a shame because I love reapers. This allegory of death is one my favorite subject. I love them in different forms and interpretations. I like reapers wearing black kimono. I like them shapeless with nothing but cloak and mask. I like reaper who loves apple. And I love a reaper who knows his sarcasm and works as pizza delivery guy on part time basis. Finn here is a reaper. I wish I could include him to my favorite reaper list but sadly there’s not much about him that interest me.

Finn, though a very tolerable character, has dedicated his existence to Emma. That’s romantic and all, but I can’t see anything that past that reason. There has to be more from him than this guy who’s in love. Madly in love. I liked that he’s compassionate despite his profession but my dislike to characters with no self-preservation, who has stalkerish nature, who justify anything they do because they love the person overtook that positive quality. I do get “epic love” but in this case, I can’t see the reason why. Thankfully, they have history and it eliminates the dreaded insta-love. But I need to understand their relationship which I completely failed to do with Finn and Emma’s. It didn’t also help that I was completely apathetic to Emma’s character. She was a spineless love interest, who I often found in situation which I considered damsel-in-distress moments.

So, as you can see, I’m utterly disconnected with the two leads and that resulted to me not liking (but not completely hating) the romance. I’m surprised that I still have tolerated it till the end. It wasn’t totally nauseatingly sweet. Sans the romance, towards the end there was some unexpected element added to the story. Honestly, if it wasn’t for it I would’ve been pretty pissed off.

This obviously isn’t my book. I gave it three stars and that’s still pretty positive for me. Sadly, the things I dislike in the book eclipsed the good things that the book certainly has. In fact, I like minor characters here—Cash and Easton, they provided some entertainment. It also has some pretty good ideas which I wish was explored more. But there’s a second book for that, right? But I’m not sure if I’m going to read it, though. Que sera, sera.

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