Finally watched the first OVA of Terra Formars and man wasn’t that shocking! There are so many things happened in just, what, over 25 minutes (I think) episode. I heard that they managed to squish a lot of material from the first volume. If you didn’t know, I’m really intrigued because there’s this some fictional, silver haired samurai who had finally graduated from JUMP and now reading Young Jump (Shueisha’s imprint for seinen series, this is where Tokyo Ghoul is serialized). And I’m intrigued with that alone. Then I saw how it rapidly soars in the chart (neck and neck with my fave TG). There’s something in it, right? I must know.

Ok, before I go and ramble I just need to put this out in the open: GIANT COCKROACHES!!! There I said it. It’s kinda bizzare idea at first when I read the summary; I mean they’re battling cockroaches?! All you need is pesticide and that will put them off. It turns they are radically enhanced and well, scary. Like really scary creatures. When I saw it, I was really freaked out because they horrifyingly mutated overly muscular guy with cockroach for a head  (and they look  hundred times more terrifying). I think I’ll be more aggressive when I see one, haha, the idea is really strange, creepy and somewhat innovative?

The overall feel of the OVA is like taste test for me. I think it’s something you’ll either like it or not. Fortunately I did like it. The art was not something I’m used to since I strictly read/watch shounen and shoujo and I’m particular with pretty art. Not that this one isn’t, it’s very…adult? It’s hard to explain but none of the type you usually see in manga that are more targeted for younger audiences. Even shounen has particular youngish vibe to it. This one? Clean, mature, it’s nice.

Like I said it was taste test for me. It already gave me good summary of what the story is and what to expect. I wanted to know how they’ll eventually eradicate these creatures. So far I think people plan to fight these roaches by injecting some sort of serum where they’ll get the ability of the insect 9the MC got giant hornet’s ability). And also, from the looks of it there’s some conspiracy going on even between the people behind the project. I mean, they sent people who I think have criminal records (which I concluded that they were just sacrificial lambs in the expedition. Their lives weren’t important regardless of the outcome…or so I think). It’s promising story, so really, a lot of things to look forward to