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Author:   S.J. Kincaid Series: (Insignia #1) Published: July 10th 2012...

Author:   S.J. Kincaid
Series: (Insignia #1)
Published: July 10th 2012 by
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books
Categories: Dystopia, Science Fiction

Between Stormdancer and False Memory, I think I like Insignia a little better. There’s something redeemable with humorous characters that even though I don’t completely love the book, I still can genuinely say I enjoy it because the character/s made me snicker a lot of times. Oooh, those fun times!

Yes, I really thought this book was serious. So it was surprise that there’s hidden fun side to it. Never thought that it’s also going to be this funny. The blurb gave me this very science-y feel to it and I’m very cautious with these kinds. I’m not good with technical terms. Let’s just say my attention span doesn’t last long when big words are involved. Well, this book is highly technical there are so many words that for me feel that only an expert would understand. I admit that I skimmed some parts and sometimes it felt like I’m reading my textbook. But surprisingly it didn’t stop me from reading. I think Tom Raines made it worth continuing despite the book and I awkward differences.

I love protagonist that is molded perfectly for the story. Tom is like that and I may add—more? This is evidently his story. He’s not made to fit the story. It was his and he is sharing it to us. That’s how I felt, I really like this boy. He’s smart, tenacious but really funny. He’s far from perfect. He’s just a normal teen boy looking for his place in the sun. I loved how it was portrayed. And have I told you that I love underdogs. So when Tom got people’s attention and saw his potential, his talent, I can’t help grinning because I love that specific moment when someone who was always in the shadow finally got their moment to shine. When they finally acknowledge him.

“I’m Tom. And believe it or not, this—” he gestured to himself like he was proud of how very handsome he was “—isn’t an avatar, either.” Heather giggled, because his avatar looked just like him—acne and scrawny limbs and all. It definitely wasn’t an image anyone would use to impress people online.”

He’s just so funny. I just need to say it again.

It probably is me but the world Tom and the others walk in is very scary world for me. Almost if not everything is virtual that even their minds are being corrupted (yep, saw it as a negative thing) by technology. Most of their method are virtually done. I love science, I love gadgets and the works but when most things are done through this process you’ll see yourself asking what’s real and what’s not because something is altering that should be naturally occurred.

So maybe it was a bumpy adventure. There are lows and there were highs and there were moments I don’t really understand why. But screw it all because when Tom shines, he shines bright. I love his story. I love how his life drastically changed from where he is now. I can’t help feeling this sense of pride and happiness for him. He started with almost nothing and when it ended he gained a lot. And there’s more to add. In more ways I could think of.

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