Blogger / Inspired to write my thoughts, this is my forever blogging mojo.

Before I made another attempt to rebrand, I was feeling my motivation slipping away slowly despite of myself. And I hated how I looked at my blog back then. I was trying so hard to find my place and my pace. During what I called limbo days, I did learn how to schedule things up and that eased up my routine, but it wasn’t enough. I still felt like something wasn’t quite right. And it dawned me that I was transitioning quite awkwardly, trying to hold back because total change was a little daunting, but enough was enough. I had to do it for myself.

Chances to have space for me and my thoughts first and foremost.

I called it my second chance in love. And now I’m doing it for myself first and foremost. My life changed for the better and blogging has always been a great outlet to let out my thoughts. Thoughts that might be mindless, nagging, somehow repetitive and most of all just me. And that is what makes me in love with it. I have place even if it means I’m only speaking into the void. Hey, they say it is healthy. I think we should utilize our online space to something positive as well,even if it sounds self-serving–a needed service to myself.

The art of blogging for me is a creative process I enjoy so much now.

And it inspired me in so many ways. I’m always happy thinking about my posts. How ideas pop up and the words flow out as I write my piece. Now, whenever I have time I also take photos and I’ve learned and found my style that suited me. The entire process is making me smile. It really cemented how I really love this hobby. It inspired me to be creative. And even if the audience is just me, it doesn’t weigh me down anymore. Solitude is my jam I guess, and I’m rocking this solo style quite amazingly (if I say so myself).

Inspired to write my thoughts, this is my forever blogging mojo.

When pressure is off that is when I become more into it. I view blogging as something personal to me and that’s why it works well. Maybe this is just me talking, that in the advent of social media not everyone is asking for online validation, as there are many creative individuals who want to have safe space to create, and this in itself is a great inspiration.