Title: Intertwined
Author: Gena Showalter
Series: (Intertwined #1)
Pages: 440

I’ve wanted to read this ever since I first heard about it but I couldn’t get a copy so I need to wait. But the wait paid off, I read it last night and oh man, it’s so long, some parts are dreary, but overall good, yep, just good I wasn’t blown away by it frankly, but finally a good read after two not so good ones.

Aden stone is housing four souls. Souls that have different abilities, one can resurrect the death, another can see the future, the other one can time travel, and the last one can possess another human. He doesn’t know why he has them, and because of it he was thought to be mentally illed, schizophrenic to be exact. He was caught talking to himself and stayed in many institutions but he is not crazy because he has them, and they talk to him.

Aden met a girl named Mary Anne, he was drawn to her in a very peculiar way, he likes her, but at the same time want to run away from her – polar opposite affections. And then this girl of her dreams — vision. A very seductive and beautiful lady, Victoria. And she’s real — and she is a vampire. Along with her is her strict bodyguard a werewolf named Riley, who seems to be also protective of Mary Anne. And they brought bad news to Aden, other creatures — fairies, goblins, and as well as vampires are drawn to him, like summoning them to him. But he doesn’t now why, and along side with his new friends they need find out why.

Like I said I’ve been dying to read it, it seems interesting, I mean guy have four souls with different abilities, I was really interested. I was just a little reluctant reading it because the main lead is a guy, not that I have anything against it, but aside from Percy, I never once like a book with guy as the narrator (thankfully this one is narrated in third POV with focus on Mary Anne and Aden). Not that I hate it, I don’t know it doesn’t felt right, well, that’s just me. The presentation and narration wasn’t awful but I’m not really very interested with Aden. He’s ok, don’t get me wrong but he’s just… ok, so-so, nothing impressive that caught my interest. Aside from knowing the four souls residing in him and why the creatures are drawn to him, I wasn’t too interested on him (character-wise). Very different to what his character supposed to be, a blast of charisma where creatures attracted to him, or his powers. Not digging Victoria either, I don’t know, she is just so plain to me.

Good thing, there is Mary Anne; I was more interested on her story than Aden’s. To be more precise, I like Anne and Riley’s story. And I admit it, I was fascinated with the werewolf than the guy with four souls — the protagonist. He’s just adorable, when he is comforting Anne when she broke up with Tucker after cheating on her with her bestfriend Penny, I was sold. I’m now a fan of this guy! That’s why I like that author gave supporting cast a personality rather than just a display or for convenience. Very wrong— horrible thing to do if so. I also like Anne’s power, she can negate, cancel Aden’s overflowing aura. It remind me of Mikan Sakura from Gakuen Alice, she has nullification alice, it works the same way as Anne’s. In fact, the powers here, minus the creatures reminds me a lot of Alices in GakuAri. I know, I know sorry again for the comparison to anime and manga. As you can see I’m animanga fan first before a bookworm (although I’m not sure I can say that now… Oh well). Since we’re talking about animanga comparison, didn’t you notice the logo, it reminds me of Bleach, the ghostly swirls /ok ’nuff said. Anyways, the world of Intertwined is really exciting. As far I’m concerned it wasn’t revealed yet of what Aden really is, and why he has this effects to these creatures. That said, however, I’m not quite ready to jump in to the second book. Not now, but I will. I like it and I really look forward to reading Unraveled.