Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.

Wow, it’s already November and Imma still about to talk about my birthday! Well, not what went down, it’s more about, you know, my yearly reflections! For the birthday itself, nothing special, again we ate lunch at home (opted for late lunch than dinner). I ordered Korean and Thai food; the food was plenty many & super delish! We were all stuffed!

Onto much serious things:  I’m in my mid-30s which kinda whack because well, it hits me so much that I am no longer that ✨ young ✨. I’m closer to 40s than 20s which kinda demoralizing in some pathetic way! But sometimes random posts in twitter or instagram gave me the boost I need. Like, this one post said that that 30s is like 20s only with more money! You know, financially, I’m so much better now than my 20s! I broke down few times having almost no money to spend. I was also not mentally & physically fit in my 20s. As you might figured it out, I was broken young adult, not that I am 100% okay now, but life’s been overall good to my  early 30s, so yeah, I appreciate God’s blessing to me! The wisdom He bestowed upon my much mature self!

Apart from I’m officially starting my mid-30s still in pandemic (while situation here is gradually getting better, in the capital almost 90% of eligible population are vaccinated! hooray for victories like this!) But the truth remains that yeah, I’m old now. And I’ll continue to get older. I might still pass as woman in her late twenties (y’all young folks don’t forget your SPF!) but the whole aging thing does put me in a bind sometimes. But I’m happy to be here, alive, in a pandemic no less! For that I’m SUPER grateful! We can’t be forever young but we can age gracefully!