From—as always—my super mouthful post title, I’m gonna tl;dr about the ups and down of reading series. Even though I claimed something as “favoriteit doesn’t necessarily mean that I love everything bits of it. Especially true for long series that I followed or currently following—sometimes, actually more frequent than I actually hope—there were points in the story that I felt meh, or worst bored and uninterested. It’s favorite alright, but like jigsaw puzzle not all pieces are colorful but they are still part of the entire picture!

I think this happened in almost all of the series I read or reading right now. I’m bound to read something I’m totally not too eager to read. It’s gonna be the consequence of very long series, some story arcs are better than the others. There are many reasons for this to happen, a less interesting plot or my favorite characters (chances are the protagonist) are currently not the main focus, or story took a nosedive. But no matter, if there was teeny bit of interest still in it, I still religiously follow! Out of personal mandate, I push through even though I’m bored. Waiting for that moment to pick it up again. Going back to the reason why I fell in love in the first place.

There are things that make me hold on tight to the story even though it is currently in what I call story slump.

Sure, things weren’t as good right now. But my eager and optimistic self still look forward to progress I’ve been waiting for all this time. Whether that’s my ship fluff moments, or that character development that I’m so excited to see, or that redemption for my favorite anti-hero. There are still many things that make me hold on tight to the story even though it is currently in what I call story slump (or just me). Like for example, I didn’t like the villain arc for Boku no Hero Academia. I am also so uninterested with Eldow’s arc (the current arc as I published this piece) in Charlotte has Five Disciple. I remember how I passively-aggressively snide commenting on Nekoma vs Karasuno match because I didn’t like the cat’s team. These are just few. Give me a title of a favorite series of mine and I can name some weak points (again, subjective—means that just me!) of the story and yet I hold on! I’m rarely a quitter but slumps do happen to readers too! Yes, favorite status withstanding!

But not all slumps ended up in revival! It’s sad to completely stop reading it altogether, especially when it was once upon a time, a favorite. Like in True Beauty‘s case, I used to love this webtoon series but somewhere along the story, I was so fed up & called it quits *coughs* Seojun *coughs* but maybe I can still called it favorite…before? But if I did finish it, I still claim it as favorites: Tokyo Ghoul/Tokyo Ghoul:re, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Kimetsu no Yaiba, Yakosoku Neverland, are just of the perfect examples of these kinds!! Not flawless, but remains favorites 5eva!!!