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I know the months just flew by so quickly but I’m still astounded that it’s already November and 2015 is just around the corner. But today I brought you my monthly recap for what has happened here on my blog. I was about to complain on the lack of content here but I’m starting to sound like broken record so refrained myself and just get on the business!

In a nutshell October went something like this:


I also share a bit about myself via the 20 things ‘about me’ meme. You should know that I’m crazy over iced tea (irrelevant info but I’m adamant to share!) &

Other fandoms, passion & whatnots:

Let’s see what has happened last month, well: (1) it was blog’s 4 year blogoversary which once again I didn’t celebrate. I said to myself I didn’t celebrate it before so why start now? And I convinced myself not to. (2) Also my birthday & my mom still confused about the date (poor mom). (3) FREAKING TOKYO GHOUL GOT SEQUEL, GOT LICENSED AND HAS SECOND SEASON ANIME!!! [girls & boys I’m obsess with this series so this was an awesome, awesome news for me.] (4) I open Just-Peach Studios (my sad portfolio) and kinda don’t like it (when I find the time and inspiration I‘m going to get that thing redone!!!)

So I turn over to you beautiful peeps; how’s October?! Fun? Exciting? Whatever that is, share it with me!!!


13 Responses to It’s a monthly recap, yo!!!

  1. Sydney says:

    Aw Mitchii I love your portfolio! The design is sleek and very you, I think. 😛

    Four years?! That’s awesome! Congrats, even though you didn’t celebrate. 😛

    Haha my dad constantly forgets my actual birth date. He’ll remember the week of because I remind him, but when he has to answer it on important forms he always has to double check with me.

    Yay for one of your favorite mangas/animes getting another season! 😀 That’s always so exciting.

    Here’s to an amazing November. c:

    • Mitchii G. says:

      Thanks! I don’t feel like celebrating for some reason. My mom always get confused with the date. one time I was eating lunch and my mom was asked when is my birthday, I told her ‘today,’ and she was shocked. She never get it right.

      Here’s to amazing/productive November!

  2. Yay happy belated 4 year blogoversary! Months before my blogoversary, I always feel excited, but when it’s actually my blogoversary, I don’t feel like celebrating. Idk why. My excitement just dies down.

    • Mitchii G. says:

      I know the feeling, I was sorta wanted some special post but when the time to actually write it, I became unmotivated, haha. 😀

  3. Megan says:

    Argh, I forgot to wish you happy blogoversary!!! And I even asked for the date when you created your blog, too. *facepalm* So… HAPPY BELATED BLOGOVERSARY, MITCHII. <3 I'm so happy I met you, and that you're still going strong (well, mostly), even after four years. Here's some cake and sweets as compensation, okay? 😉

    Bahaha, only my dad remembers my birthday, tbh. In recent years, I don't even realize that it's my birthday until he wishes me. I'm just that much of an airhead, I guess.


    • Mitchii G. says:

      Aw, thank you Meg! Not as awesome you are, lately I’m just getting by (need the groove back!).

      What’s up with parents forgetting our birthdays.

      You know, we should get used to him wrecking our feels. Genius like storyteller like him don’t come often so am I glad to have read/reading his work!

    • Mitchii G. says:

      Ugh, I excitedly hit the comment button. I’m 80% that Haise is Kaneki. All signs point to that direction but we’ll never know. Sui is a troll so expect the unexpected.

  4. I can’t believe 2015 is so close *hides*

    Yay for four years of blogging! I’ve nearly been blogging for 1.5 years, and I cannot even imagine getting to the four year mark, although I know I will. I am still as obsessed with blogging as I was when I started.

    I love knowing when series you love get renewed 😀

    I love your Just-Peach Studios, and your portfolio is stunning, not sad! Everything you do is absolutely beautiful, Mitchii ^.^

    I was just wondering if you have read Pandora Hearts? I am currently OBSESSED with that manga!

    Anyway, happy November <3

    • Mitchii G. says:

      I know, I mean 2015? Feels surreal. Don’t worry if you still in love with blogging, I’m pretty sure there’s more years to come! And thank you, although I’m really disliking it. :'(

      I haven’t but Lesley & Meg love it so I’m quite curious. I just need to finish catching up with the others.

  5. Yay, four years!! I don’t ever comment (because I’m lazy. I’m sorry!), but I absolutely adore your blog. I hope you keep doing it FOREVER. Haha.

    Also, YAY TOKYO GHOUL!! I actually just watched it this October and loved it. I’m working on the manga as well, but I’m not that far through. The end of the anime though. Oh man. I’m so excited for another season. !!! There’s not a date yet though, is there?

    Anyway, I hope you’re having a great day!! 😀

    • Mitchii G. says:

      Aw, thank you. Don’t worry I’m really, really happy to know that you like my blog. I really appreciate it.

      I’m so happy to know when someone love this series as much as I do. Yes, that ending! Not yet, but officials said January of 2015.

      Have great day too Lisa! <3

  6. Even if you don’t celebrate it, happy 4th blogoversary, Mitchii! That’s a huge thing. Belated happy birthday as well. <3 ^_^ Hope you had an awesome birthday.

    I should really try watching Tokyo Ghoul. It's been so long since I've watched anime–gruesome anime, in particular. x)

    I ADORE your portfolio, girl. You're probably my favorite blog designer to date. (I'm not kidding!) I've bookmarked Just Peach for when I decide to go self-hosted in the future. 😉

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