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The pandemic was truly a life-changing event of colossal scale!...

The pandemic was truly a life-changing event of colossal scale! And we all are coping in one way or another. I feel like all I’ve written in this blog this year was primarily me trying to survive this pandemic with my mental health intact in the best way I can. Sadly, it’s not just me, millions of people are adjusting and it’s not an easy task. So, we find our different unique ways to cope!

I think one aspect of my life that taken a big brunt is my mental health. I’m doing various ways to ease my anxiety & one of them as I said million times is reading! I’ve been reading so much! Like brand new stuff! But also, I’ve been listening a lot. I have my default playlist that is very comforting every time because it reminds me of before—the time without pandemic where I can do whatever I wanted. It’s kinda uplifting to hear something nice, maybe nostalgic that I associated with normalcy—because before this happens while life was already hard, we were still free (for the lack of better word); now it’s hard-mode 24/7 and I, for one, just want to take my mind off of things that can be unfortunately triggering!

Right now, I’m also into very mellow music. I know, I should be dancing to more jumpy, disco vibe playlist but I don’t know why, I find mellow tunes more soulful and encouraging. I’m so into THE CHARM PARK’s music nowadays. I’ve been listening to their entire discography on Spotify back to back! I found them out via ‘s ad meliora as the ending theme! I really loved that little homage they did to the original OP of the anime! Then I went checked out their music and I just fell in love. I have so many favorites from get go, from Stars Colliding, Imperfection, Funny Faces (which is a collab with also amazing group Monkey Majik), , Leap of Faith and others. Promise, I love each of their songs. I’m happy that spotify also has their billboard unplugged version ‘cos live music is just a different vibe and just add more to the emotion!

It’s also amazing that my favorite queen, Taylor Swift dished out new album! Yes, someone was productive during the quarantine! It’s a very different sound from her last album which was pastel colors and glitters. This one’s smooth and warm! I think if you love her more slower tracks in her previous albums you will definitely love this one too! My favorite was exile! I just love the story of falling out of love and the miscommunication as to why the relationship ultimately fell apart! I always say this about Taylor’s song writing talent, she tells story intricately. This isn’t just lyrics of songs but stories and I love delving to each words one by one trying to reel in and understand! And that seems to be the agenda for this album! Songs like My Tears Ricochet, Mirrorball, Cardigan, the 1 are one my on-loop ‘til I get tired playlist!

Gosh, I’m happy that there’s music! They make me feel comfortable even just for a few moments while we’re still in this long-*ss quarantine!

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