Fiction / Reading is a jouney, and that includes the highs and the lows!

Because love is blind? Nah, for me reading is a journey. A personal one at that! Whether it’s a long running or series of one shots, it didn’t matter. The time I spent reading it is the same, all of them resembled a journey. And in a journey I don’t expect everything to be perfect, so even after reading it, or after reaching the end, when looking back, the highs and lows were part of it and it made it more memorable.

If I say it’s a favorite, I mean it! I accept the pros and the cons, ‘cos as they say no one or nothing’s perfect, even if it’s a favorite!

When I deemed something a favorite, it encompassed every aspect of it. Yes, even the negatives. I can 100% confirmed that all of my favorites so far, or even my all-time ones, are not devoid of flaws. And I accepted them because even with it, I can say that I enjoyed it. And that’s the most important to me. Reading is something I enjoy! Maybe sometimes they made me pulled my hair out of frustrations but the number of times that it made super happy outweighed the negatives.

There’s no exact formula to find ‘the one’ so that’s why I’m open to anything interesting!

I’m huge advocate of read what you want! I will never (or even try to) understand the idea of boxing my choices based on some societal standardsespecially to an adult like me. The simple slice of life stories that I enjoy perhaps may sound simple but they delivered. It also doesn’t bother one bit if it’s too average or underrated. The same way, that I don’t look at the popularity of the series I read, mainstream or not it doesn’t matter. Highly critical series is not a guarantee amazing in my book! There’s no exact formula that’s why it is essential for me to be more accepting to anything! Possibility of finding that amazing reading journey is endless if I am open to anything. And that’s make reading such an amazing treat!

Reading is a journeyalso an adventure! It wasn’t just the story but also the memories I had while reading them.

I called these series favorites is not only because I enjoyed it, but I also had fond memories throughout my reading adventure. And this fond memories and amazing feeling are also what urge me to re-read or re-watch, reliving that precious moments. It may sound like I’m looking at it with rose-colored glasses, but I’m denying the flaws of my favorites but I just had fun reading them. The time and emotional investment I did with these tell a lot! You won’t see me defending my faves from critical views or opinions, because for me, again, reading is personal journey! I love it flaws and all!