Reading is always subjective. And interpretation and consumption of these stories vary from person to person! And that’s great! This makes stories differently and storytellers try their hardest to give us something unique and entertaining all the time, all along catering to our various tastes. So even though some people may not like what we do; and sometimes they even nitpick parts of the stories we love, we can help but still love it! Yes, my favorites are not perfect, but I love it —flaws and all.

Sometimes I read negative reviews prior to reading.  You know already that spoiler isn’t an issue to me, and getting informed on what to expect mold my expectations further. However they don’t really influence me per se but I do take note of legit criticisms. Like for example they don’t like the romance but it turned out after I read it I actually find it tolerable, so to me it’s just a matter of opinion therefore I’ll try not to hold it against the book (or the reviewer—never!), especially if I do want to review it afterwards. Now, what I’m trying to say is I do accept people’s interpretation or opinion on stories I read even if we disagree. Why is that you ask? Because as I said people’s opinion varies and that’s his/her opinion, regardless it is the exact opposite from mine. I will not undervalue it just because we’re different. I do read legitimate rebukes and even agreed to it to some extent, but it just so happen that to me these criticisms aren’t as much of a big deal as compare to other readers.

I do tend to put my favorites on high pedestal but I’m not blind fan not to see things when I know something went downhill. In fact, I’m more aware of the fault of the series I loved because my passion towards it makes me well-informed of every piece, or of every nook and corners of the plot. And being able to know that makes criticism tolerable! To me, if I’m not able to identify the faults of the story—or rather ignoring these faults is unhealthy. We should learn to accept that they aren’t perfect, and some people’s intention is not meant to drag it with their reviews but to inform and to give a genuine feedback.

So yes, I don’t mind that in the eyes of other people my favorites aren’t perfect. I mean, is there really an existing perfect story? I haven’t read one, be it books or graphic novels. But I always have favorite series. Some that I truly, truly loved! In my case I actually can find something to nitpick but enjoyment factor doesn’t immediately cease just because of the flaws.

How about you? Do you have unconditional love for your favorites like I do? How do you treat criticisms of it? Care to share it with me!