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Whoah, like WHOAH! It’s December already, the last month of 2014! Seriously time why are flying so fast?! Hold up the speed! Geez! Anyway, time to do some monthly wrap-up. Like last month I still haven’t read anything. I did try…ok, not so much as trying but I download a few galleys on EW and I was trying (operative word, trying) to read but I got distracted. Also, was supposed to post this last night but my migraine strike again so I slept like a log to recuperate. ;D Now, let’s get down to business, here’s a rundown of what happened last month:

November in a nutshell:


Other fandoms, passion & whatnots:

  • I’m fickle-minded so I put my portfolio site, Just Peach! on maintenance because I’m trying to design a new layout. I really don’t like how the first one turned out. I already trashed, like, three designs. I’m really hard on myself but ugh, nothing works for me! *grumbles*
  • Site related, I just designed Georgie’s What She Reads blog. It was the one of easiest (by far my favorite!) designs I ever done because I was so inspired by her beautiful logo, inspiration just went into me!
  • One of my favorite manga, Naruto, just ended. That’s 10 years of following the series (ok, maybe I lied low for 3 ½ years, still that was long!). When I saw all the tributes to the ending, it felt like my teen years just flashed before me. *goosebumps*

So I turn over to you beautiful peeps; how’s November?! Fun? Exciting? Whatever that is, share it with me!!!