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I was looking for new anime to watch (I’m not...

I was looking for new anime to watch (I’m not starting any anime from the summer list yet, even though I’m so excited to watch Tokyo Ghoul!!!). I stumbled across this series Kamigami no Asobi 「神々の悪戯, Mischief of the Gods. It’s an otome game turned anime…I think. I wanted to watch a fluffy series after the intense series catch up I’m doing right now. And for the first time ever I recognized Kamiya Hiroshi’s voice (I didn’t in Haikyuu! I’m so delighted with this little accomplishment). And it looks like it’s not only Kamiya-san, gaaah, it’s a powerhouse cast!!!!

Daisuke Ono? Toshiyuki Toyonaga? Hirofumi Nojima? Noriaki Sugiyama? Tomokazu Seki? And, and, and Yuuki Kaji? I was so stunned when my sister and I decided to check out the seiyuus included in this anime. So I was totally amazed that there are number of popular VAs that took part in this project. I didn’t know that this series was a popular one but man, isn’t it powerhouse cast? Yes? I fangirled a bit when I heard Kamiya-san, what a pleasure to hear them here. Sis said it’s because it’s fanserivice type of anime. But who cares, I enjoyed it!

Yeppers, I enjoyed it. I tried two otome turned anime show like Diabolik Lovers (bleck, what an awful show, good thing it was short) and Amnesia (I stopped at ep 3, I cannot bear the blandness!) This is one? It was surprisingly good. It’s not going to be part of my, you could say, hall of famers, but it was sure a fun show. It was the fluff that I was looking for. And this show provided that, and perhaps more?

PS: I was waiting for Kaji Yuki’s turn, and the only highlight was “bara, bara?” Gaaah!!! *pulls hair* Dame!

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