Personal / As they say "the pen is mightier than the sword" and I think it is.

I’ve always been in love with words and I just didn’t notice it. I’ve posted something before how notorious journal writer I was (am actually, since I’m still keeping a personal diary). I started writing my diary at 10 years old. When my teacher in elementary school introduced the concept of writing things down, it sparked something in me. I continued it after. I made my extra notebook my diary and that was very start of my journal writing adventure. If I count the diaries I managed to keep, I think it’s about 10+…not sure the exact number or where it went since my family moved 4 times (wasn’t scared because my handwriting is illegible in cursive—was also verified by my Journalism advisor in HS when she critiqued my articles. She asked me to write in all caps since then….)

Fast forward a bit to my college days, I discontinued. College life was fun, bold and a lot of times tiring. I was too lazy to pick a pen and write my day—day that was too jam-packed and frankly, exhausting to write. Also, I encountered blogging—online journal! I had a personal website where I wrote my thoughts, sporadically though. Then livejournal…then here we are.

Obviously my topics disengaged from what I used to write…and honestly, I’m too bashful to write my life for everyone to read. Yes, my blog now has become a little private compare before but the idea still doesn’t strike as best! But I am open to share my personal thoughts (outside of my interests) albeit in bits and pieces. But looking back made me realize I really do love words. The only thing that I can express myself is through writing. I may not be the best at writing but I’m happy to be able to show myself in words…of my own.  I’ve always loved writing…I didn’t realize it til I was typing my blogoversary post, like “I can’t believe I have continued and still continuing this shindig!” I always have something to say…and that’s really amazing in itself.

It’s no wonder that soon I became so immense to reading. Words are always been my comfort. When I became adult the thing that keeps me sane is reading! And words are always there for me! Now, I’m not saying I’m gonna write my own story (at least not now, although I have tons of ideas)…but words of my own…and words of others are something so meaningful and precious to me. I guess my love to write blossom to my love to words. My blog, my love for reading—shows how much words inspire me!