So, as Alan Cohen said:  “Do not wait until the conditions are perfect to begin. Beginning makes the conditions perfect.” I think I have mentally prepared myself to just continue what I’m able to do with conditions we are in right now. But to be honest, this uneventful, still stay-at-home situation for the first month of the year was drastic change from the Januarys of the past three years. The first month of the year since 2018 was super eventful. This year? meh…which is okay, I guess? given the circumstances but like everybody else, we all wish for things to calm down.

Now, I don’t wanna sound like I’m complaining, I’m really grateful even though my physical and mental health were somewhat crappy this month. But I managed it so I’m really happy? There were also changes in my diet and routine and I think it’s a step forward to healthy living (I’m trying guys!!) I’ll breakdown the deets later. For now, let me recap something else: my blogging and reading!

Blogging in January! I kept my schedule! It’s a great blogging start, my mojo is back and I hope to thrive in this productivity level!

So far, so good? OK, all these planning and notion-ing had brought wonders to my blogging productivity! I stuck to my schedule and posted three posts for the month (even though somewhere I said I was only gonna post two per month, hooray for extras!) Although I slightly changed the two topics that I was supposed to publish (and just saved ’em for later!) But you guys, I’m so happy that I’m getting the blogging groove again despite feeling kinda “ack” because of health! I still plan to jazz up some things here and there in ze blog (my about page is screaming for design! I’ve gotten distracted and somewhat uninspired! so that has got to wait!) but see here, three posts!! Productivity blogging acquired for the month!

Also huge shutout to someone who tipped me via ko-fi! I can’t believe someone gave me free money! No one has given me free money before! No one gave me tips; ‘cos my work ethics is to give my best so I don’t allow tips! And also I totally forgot about ko-fi tbqh so I was sorta surprised and delighted that someone enjoyed my content here! Bless your heart dear somebody!

Reading in January! When anxiety attacks, all I need to do submerge to my favorite escapism: reading! And all the fluffy josei series that I read!

Again such a huge contrast from previous years! Usually I barely read for January because of all the activities and schedules I had lined up to do but since we are still and technically (almost one year) in quarantine and I have no huge plans so I ended up reading. I even caught with one series in just one day (that was when I had very painful heartburn and anxiety attacks simultaneouslynot fun, not fun at all!) I read like a lot and for first time since what it feels like forever this list doesn’t include my December reads (but you can view my entire 2020 list here, just in case you’re curious to know)

Chijou no Seppun
I want my josei sweet w/ hint of smut!
  1. Chijou no Seppun · I was in the mood for some josei and saw this series fan-translated; I fell in love with the trope of hopeless romantic yet still cool as f guy and the semi-tsundere cutie/innocent bookworm! It’s so adorbs so I ended up checking out the raw via honto and ugh, so cute! I want all the adult couple fluff please!
  2. | Genderless Danshi ni Ai sarete imasu. · another josei series but this one of an unlikely pairan androgynous guy and strong personality girl! I liked the whole feminine guy and how his girlfriend fawned over his cuteness yet they have this dynamic of well-balanced relationship! Me loves!
  3. | Hana ni Koe · a japanese webtoon series (I’m not huge fan of JP webtoons, I’m very picky idkw??) but the gender bender in male brothel got me curious! It’s very dark romance stories with mature themes (well, duh, the premise was given) it was kinda dark for me and that plot twist? I didn’t it see it coming!
  4. | Kemono Jihen · the first episode of the anime made me wanna check it out but from my original of just checking it out ended up totally devouring it in a day! But guys, I am hooked! I love the characters!! I’m excited for the anime now!
  5. 무협지 악녀인데 내가 제일 쎄! | I’m a Martial Art Villainess, but I’m the Strongest! · murim you say? isekai and the villainess became some martial arts goddess you say? there was hidden prince who has a crush in our FMC you say? Count. Me. In!!! Well, the whole thing is so promising and I just fell hard for all the good elements in there! Can’t wait for more!
  6. 묘한 인생 | Just for a Meowment · the fmc was given a second chance in life by the grim reaper but with a twist! She transforms into cute fluffy pink cat (but not at will)! One of the guy in her work found her out and she’s now out there helping him while working on this sudden extension to her life!
  7. 귀여운 야수님! | My Cute Beast · another unlikely pair! (is this my theme for the month??) another strong personality girl and guy with a scary face but super soft boi in the inside! They are both member of an online cat lover group but the girl didn’t know that the sweet person she was chatting was one and the same! Super cute!
  8. | Sweet Seduction: Under the Same Roof with the Guy I Hate · it’s a short series and felt underwhelming! She lost her home and the guy offered his place. At first they bickered, and she had crush on his cousin to boot, but all the nice things he done for her made her fall for him! Short read, nothing remarkable!
  9. 꽃은 춤추고 바람은 노래한다 | The Flowers Dance and the Wind Sings · another “return to the past” or “second chance in life” theme but this time, the story mostly focuses on the mother-son relationship! She didn’t have good relationship with her son in her previous life, actually she neglected him and on her deathbed he didn’t care; so with this second chance, she wants to mend her relationship with her estranged son.
  10. 아파도 하고 싶은 | Want to Do It, Even If It Hurts · the art reminds me of Lovely Bokhee-ssi and it turned out that the person is the illustrator (different author though); it’s a marriage contract premise but we all know that they will fall for each other eventually, especially the girl already harbors romantic feelings for him! Oh the sweet and adult romance!
  11. 웨딩 임파서블 | Wedding Impossible · I started reading the webtoon last November but with the end of first season of the webtoon made me crave to read the web novel, so yeah this is for the web novel! Ugh, this couple is just so cute especially the later parts on how the guy made it all possible so they can be together! I’m excited to see the cute son on the webtoon version!!!

Life in January: Acids, juices, and prebiotics! I’m all for healthy living, next on my list: incorporating exercise to my routine! And oh, I did some planning and journal-esque!

Motivated, updated and roaring for Feb!
Motivated, updated & roaring in Jan!
  • Well, very uneventful month for me but my body screamed pain! I had very bad heartburn. Felt like my chest was being stabbed or twisted. I went for a check-up and they prescribed me meds for my GERD as well as my back (I’m convinced that I have a body of 90 years old). I totally cut down caffeine (I miss my morning tea!) so because I was told to take my meds in the mornings, I have to wake early even on weekends too (sleep, my favorite past time lol) at first, the meds felt it didn’t work but eventually the stabbing pain subsided. Of course my regular acid reflux still there (sometimes I pigged out but that’s a big no-no for GERD patients like me) but that worst is over. Because I was traumatized by it (imagine painful heartburn that it triggered my anxiety resulting to panic attack) I’m not taking anything acidic or sour in meantime (or for the long time!)
  • And so, because of this, I’ve been changing things on my diet! No caffeine is first! I’m so used to drinking black tea in the morning but now I’m sipping my ginger tea or ginger brew in the morning (I know, it’s so healthy, who was the that girl who drank two mugs of black tea every morning? she doesn’t know her anymore! lol) I love ginger tea even before but I love it calms my acid as well as my nerves so it’s a win-win drink! And my sister brought a juicer! So I’ve been doing some healthy juice recipes! Since acids are not good for me, I indulge myself with some veggies/watery fruits combo! My absolute faves are apple and cucumber, as well as watermelon and apples! Sometimes I drink apple with ginger and it so good! I think I’m now addicted to natural healthy juices! I upped my prebiotics too! All in the name of healthier gut!
  • Oh my gosh, my planning and scheduling was on the roll! I’m almost done setting up my notion (I left sneak peek here) and I’m caught up with my weekly spread w/ this my semi-journaling/collage style! I think I have found the best  setup for me! I tried daily but failed…monthly was too short! But weekly fits my style! I wanted to keep this up! I also want to make travel journal too now that I have no overseas (or even local) travels due to the pandemic! Maybe reminiscing past experience through my travel log inspires me, for hopefully, future travels!
  • New season of anime, apart from fall leftovers like Jujustu Kaisen and Attack on Titan, I’m also watching Cells at Work S2 as well as the spin-off series Cells at Work Black. Also on my list, Dr. Stone 2, The Promised Neverland 2, and Kemono Jihen! A lot of sequels I know! *wiggle eyebrows*

Looking forward to February: Lunar new year means sticky rice cake!! Also chocolates and singlehood! and more planning and journaling!

  • It’s love month once again! I have some new posts prepared for this love month! These two months I’m on the roll with my blogging game so crossing fingers I maintain this momentum! I plan to organize at least six months worth of posts (not writing them, just finalizing the topics that I will write (I used to do that circa 2016, 2017 and half of 2018) but I think I need some discipline so I can tackle some of my other to-do/non-blogging list as well)
  • I want to take time and work on my illustrations and revamped my commission prices…with the economy now I might slightly increase the prices? (I’m sorry, it’s been 3 years since I updated) I want to re-haul some things but maybe after I’m done with the one I’m currently doing. I was happy for still getting inquiries but please make sure your details are correct as I can’t reply if you sent me wrong info, fyi!
  • Events for February are Lunar New Year and Valentine’s! And what I love about these two occasions are sticky rice cake (tikoy!!!) and chocolates! Not that someone will give them to me but well, I still crave, so I might buy one myself! I’m self-sufficient haha~ well, I pray for good February! A better month ahead for all of us!
Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well. 3 John 1:2