News / Here's my monthly rundown of what has happened this January!

Expect some lyrics (my LSS to be exact) gracing my monthly wrap-up headlines so how was January?? Very, very busy! I think when officially January came I was always on the run doing lots of errands, doing commission work…my translations work is piling as well and I haven’t had a good blogging routine set up for the month (although I don’t dare say I’m failing because I’m just one post less than my original sched! And that’s awesome despite my busyness~!

Blogging in January: Blogging w/o internet…among other things! *sobs*

I was ranting about my lack of internet for at least two weeks (felt like eternity)  due to some weird technical issues—my net wasn’t accepting laptops or desktops…it throttled the entire network. Even the technicians were mind blown by the whole thing (he legit asked me if there was something spooky in our house, and I was like dude, look how small our place is!) Actually it started after my family short holiday vacation trip, then January came and the internet just completely cut off!! I can’t count the number of calls I bombarded just to get our connection fixed.

But long story short it got fixed but there are still hiccups here and there…and so that’s the reason I couldn’t put the my blog posts in time ^^ I was so busy that I couldn’t do my usual ‘post everything one month prior’ mojo. Here are my blog posts for the January!

I originally have 6 posts planned for the month (sans this wrap-up as always) but I didn’t have time for that anymore…and it feels such a waste if it get buried (if I posted hastily) cos I like the post I’ve written. I’ll just re-sched some other time.

January Reading List: it’s almost non-existent *sobs harder*

Did I just say I’m busy?? Yes, I waaay too busy these days and juggling all these responsibility is just too tough to handle everything at the same time! So I have to make sacrifices…I haven’t started my winter anime list!!  Anyway, I did watch Card Captor Sakura first episode so there was that. Reading wise, I slacked big time too…was way too tired to read so by the time I got home but I still did some reading fortunately but not as intensive as I hoped!

1. Dr.プリズナー (Dr. Prisoner) absolutely stunning art! I love it, it feels like Saijou no Mei but the young doctor here is a little darker! Must read!

2. 恋是樱草色 (Love is a Cherry Color) a Chinese webtoons, I love the whole I help you get the guy of your dreams but he ended up falling for her. So cute!

3. スパイスとカスタード (Spice & Custard) another cute story but hardy memorable…wait, what is this about again??

4. 王爵的私有宝贝 (The Prince’s Private Baby) it feels like this story taken from Harlequin’s ‘secret baby’ stash story…though I like this kind of story. My guilty read. It’s entertaining.

5. 可愛い上司を困らせたい (I want to annoy the pretty boss.) it’s 4-koma about the lady boss and the young new employee and their humorous office love affair!!

Life in January: the word busy has four letters, it’s short but the month felt longer than that!

Look at my January, jamp-packed! BUsY!!!
  • First, Remember December: the first two weeks it was all chill! After my two sisters left to Australia—wait, more like it started after Christmas Eve: it was one event after the other and it got me sucked dry. Too tired!  Eventually my tiredness fixed my bad sleeping habits and I now go to sleep early. Hooray!!! So that’s a huge thing because I was nocturnal and now I sleep like 10pm to 11pm-ish…12 is the limit. So I’m very happy that I fixed my sleeping sched. Of course, I have to reorganize my routine with the changes I made so that’s why reading and watching is in sort of a limbo!!!
  • I successfully integrated writing on my journal—the traditional way! I actually forgot my digital one (I haven’t written on it since the year started and I’m happy that I’ll able to continue it. I heard that January 17th is the ‘Ditch your resolutions’ Day because if you haven’t done it til that day then you won’t be able to do it anymore…? But I’m happy to report that my diary is looking pretty good!
  • I also got my passport! And it’s now 10 years valid!!  Now before someone ask why it was easy for me, I’m entitled to the courtesy lane since my mom is a government employee. I’m a single and her daughter therefore I can use it that lane. I know how hard to do appointment right now so I’m not gonna lie I’m grateful for the privilege. ^^ But since I have my brand new passport means brand new adventures! God is so good to me! Thank You, Lord!
  • And the hugest thing I’m thanking the Lord (although I feel like the Lord has blessed every day, I’m very thankful how the year started really great!) is that I got my Japan VISA! Yes, you know how much I’ve been dreaming, planning, wishing about it and yesterday we got our passports back & it has VISA!!!  I’m really happy, thank you, thank you Lord!!! You’re so A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Now time to plan everything for this trip to truly happen! Yosha~!!!

Looking Forward to February: it’s the love month… it’s about shipping y’all!

Love Fest for February, be excited!!!
  • OK, despite the busyness of yours truly, I have all posts laid up and ready to go for Feb!! As usual it’s about romance because it’s the lurve month~!! And that always graces my blog because I love me this genre! I have all sorts of posts about it so do look out for that!
  • I want to re-establish my routine! Don’t get me wrong, I love my schedule right now even though it made super tired every night that I went to sleep early! But I have to polish everything so I can say my routine is truly OK!
Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. — James 1:17 NIV