News / Here's my monthly rundown of what has happened this January!

So if it isn’t obvious yet I barely blog this January.  But my month was jam-packed to put it simply. Once the month rolled in, I was balancing one stuff after the other and I had to sacrifice my blogging for some important things (if you follow me on twitter or instagram you know what hoarded my time these past 2 weeks). I’ll tell you later the brief rundown but yeah, I only managed to put up two posts but now I’m back, doing my regular mojo so expect schedule back on track for February (which is the love month and I cooked up some lurve posts as always!

Blogging in January: Can you even call this blogging? Guess I have to make up extra hard next month.

Reading List in January: It wasn’t just my blog got affected but at least I’m now reading a new favorite!!

Just like my blogging, the reading stuff and the watching stuff needed to take the back seat.  But again, I will pick up all my TBR again ‘cos I’m now back to my regular schedule. But before my busy travel plans I managed to read few and since I don’t do wrap for December I including them here as well.

Wow, The Promised Neverland is wow!
Wow, The Promised Neverland is wow!
  1. Consumua and Sudutist! (소비러와 존잘님!) – a cute love story about an otaku and fan artist. He’s A fan of her fanarts and they met up. He was in love with works but soon enough they fell in love with each other. It’s cute, nothing wowzers but it fills up the light read category.
  2. Gisou Furin ( | 위장불륜) – I admit the thing that interested me was collaboration of Japanese author and South Korean webtoon company. No, this isn’t about cheating but the FMC lied about being married and now in rendezvous with young Korean lad in her vacation in SK.
  3. Itsuka no Haru – super cute, guy’s mid-twenties but he returns to high school to finish after succeeding his family’s business when his parents died years ago. I kinda relate to him being I’m old and sometimes I couldn’t keep with kids these days.
  4. Koiiji – I picked this month a long time (I don’t remember when, not sure if I ever included in my past WOMRL posts) but frustrating. I thought one-sided love that span for years and year is interesting but this series? Nah, too stupid.
  5. Spirit Fingers (스피릿 핑거스) – Wah~ I love this series. The art is amazing and I just marathon the heck out of it last December and it was so good. It’s funny with a touch of heart. The main couple are just adorable although they didn’t start in good terms but I love how the MC fell in love with the FMC. Just freaking adorable!!
  6. Yakusoku no Neverland – wow, just wow!! It’s amazing, gripping and most of all I love how twisted it can be. I kept pushing reading it because I felt I will love it and the chapters back then wasn’t enough to really capture me. But I did and just in time for the anime (which I’m also watching season…so far it’s really good!!)

Life in January: I think I spent so much time walking, I’m sore all over but those #wanderlust moments are worth it

5 Days in Taiwan
Travel wish-list granted! Me in Taiwan!
  • January was pretty hectic (I mean last year was the same too but this one a whole lot of busier). We planned to travel this month, it was months in the making. And we kept changing itinerary until we settle down to Taiwan. But before I flew to Taiwan, we have shorty side trip to Bataan to visit the Heritage Park there called Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar and it was amazing trip!! Just seeing ancestral houses during the Spanish Colonial Period was sight to behold. Due to WWII a lot of our historic places were bombed but I’m glad place like this exist to educate future generations.
  • Now back to Taiwan (Taipei, Juifen and Shifen), yes I’ve crossed another Travel Bucketlist. Although our trip didn’t start good. Both of our flights were delayed  (this was my first time with AirAsia and it was not pleasant first impression) like a snowball, the incidents were unpleasant as well that we have to write off the first day and restarted. But the next days were successful. All in all it was amazing and tiring adventure. I’ll write my Taiwan Trip post soon!
  • Working on these resolutions!  With the help of my brother I finally set up my workspace at home. Of course it’s still WIP (I’m already doing work there but it’s still super bare..and chaotic) and I have to slowly work on it. My next long vacation from work is still on April so maybe I can do more renovations by then.
  • Also anime! I’m watching Promised Neverland, Mob Psycho 100 II and Kaguyama-sama wants to be confessed to. I might try to Bogiepop or Dororo which I heard good things about from anitwitter~ Let’s see if time permits.

Looking Forward to February: Back to regular programming but blog will do its annual love topic posts for the hearts month! Relax Mode IRL!

Relax Mode as I greet the ❤ month!
  • Yep, I have them prepared but I haven’t drafted them so I might do it this weekend. Right now, I’m too tired to move (I only mustered all my energy left into writing because I want to blog this monthly recap). I can’t believe I able to come up topics for this month, but being shoujo fanatic or romance genre lover in general I guess there are so much to say about this genre!
  • Valentine’s Day…wait, do I even celebrate this? Nah, I think by now we don’t restrict love towards couple but every kind of love should be celebrated.  So I think it’s worth having fun even if I’m single. There’s Lunar New Year and I can’t wait to get a slice of that annual delicious tikoy (from Hokkien 甜粿) but more known as nian gao.
  • More relax time in general. I mean I’ve been out and about for most of January (not including the two trips I went to) so I think I’ll hibernate a bit (not in blogging of course) or do some catching up again since I barely did any hobby-related this month. With December and January events stacked so much I think it’s nice to take a breather and do thing slowly!
The Lord keeps you from all harm and watches over your life. The Lord keeps watch over you as you come and go, both now and forever. — Psalm 121:7-8 | NIV