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Title: Jealousy Author: Lili St. Crow Pages: 316 Rating: It...

Title: Jealousy
Author: Lili St. Crow
Pages: 316

It sucks that I’m unable to finish this book in time. I was sort of wishing that the first book I finished reading for 2011 will be My Soul to Steal. New Year’s eve is really a busy day (a lot of distraction actually) that I managed to finish the book the next day – 1st of January. So technically, I should list it in my 2011 read list.

Anyway, I’m planning to read books – more books. I’m happy that I manage to exceed the challenge of 52 books a year (I read 54 books, I’m freaking happy). So my target is to once again read more than 52 books. I don’t like to limit myself (or promise). I don’t like to disappoint myself.

So let the fun begins. The first book of 2011 is – Jealousy, Strange Angels book 3 by Lili St. Crow.

Not gonna deny my huge disappointment with the first two books (that’s the reason why I didn’t like to write anything about the second installment. That, and obviously I were lazy and didn’t have the time). But I’m really surprised on how I enjoyed the third book. Frankly, I don’t want to continue reading the series because it left me unsatisfied every time I turned a page. But Jealousy had taken a completely different direction from the first two books that I’m surprised to see myself enjoying reading it.

Dru is although as always, bit sidetracked (not new there) and a bit vulgar (well, not that much. The swearing is at least subsided a bit). I actually like her here. When she admitted her weaknesses, and fear of isolation, I was just – finally she shown a real emotion. The girl is so strong that in my book, it’s impossible. Not that I prefer damsel in distress, usually I don’t, but come on you’re still a girl, give me a sign that you’re capable of being normal (in her defense, everything is damn strange, so yeah. Can’t help if you put I’m-kick-ass-girl-don’t-try-to-mess-with-me mask). But her character matured throughout the book. It made her more appealing in my standards.

Ah, Graves is just, I don’t know, just growing on me, especially in this book. You know, even though he looks like those rug thug guys you don’t want to mess around, he is so sweet and respectful. I love how he respects Dru. I’m really just surprised how gentleman he is. I know he is supportive and caring, and all that. But this aspect of him took me by surprise, can’t help liking him more. And oh, I love his name Edgar Hideaki? Nice one Graves.

And what about the djhampir (I hope I spelled it correctly) Christophe, Reynard or whatever his real name is? Well, I already love him (love is such a strong word, but I do love him, lol) but like Graves he also growing on me. He is the silent supporter (in his term, her guardian angel, haha). The thing he did for Dru (saved her from numerous attacks) just gave him a little bit of an edge from Graves in my score board (Who’s scoring? LOL, sorry Graves, I love you though (and if I’m correct you’re the one in the cover of the book, yes?)

The reason why I like this book is because a lot of the questions I have in the first two books were answered here. Yes, I finally know why Dru smells Christophe as apple pie. It’s still green though. And the nosfetaru, the council, her mother and some of my Christophe related questions (and yes, I’m a bit biased towards the half vampire guy). I guess most of my questions are now been shed some good amount of light (saving some for the next book of course). Now I see the plot in much clearer perspective.

After reading the ending, I’m completely surprised on how much I wanted to read the next book. Well, Defiance will be out on April. And I must say my favorite cover yet. How many books are there in this series anyway?