I wrote before about how I am totally okay with FOMO (fear of missing out) and I talked about why I don’t mind being in the dark when it comes to the latest trend and meme (especially the local ones, I’m so detached to popular things) but even though I’m not so much into it I’m totally fine, I don’t feel like I’m missing out on something. And because I just got used to fangirling on my own, the feeling of being left out is not something I fear of!

And just like I am with everything else, I just recently found out that there’s an opposite of FOMO, and that’s JOMO (joy of missing out). How could we say that missing out on something popular is fun? Well, it’s true, and in true introvert fashion, if I’m enjoying things on my own time, the opinion of others or how they consume their stuff don’t weigh too much on my personal recreation time. This is not selfish, sometimes “me time” is just as personal and they joy it gives me matters the most!

Is there really a joy of being left out? Sure is, didn’t they say “ignorance is bliss” alright, I’m half-kidding, but I think more than what everyone else thinks or says, your opinion matters the most! In this digital age of modern social digital interaction, sometimes, more often than not, we thrive in being reveled by many people’s thoughts and likes. It is—not that I experienced you know how I fear social engagement, virtual or not—by my impression, kind of overwhelming. And it’s more dragging if it’s something you do not do out of passion and pure interest. I wouldn’t try an anime series, webtoons, or manga so I could be part of the conversation. I will only try the series if there’s really genuine interest. Sure, the mob’s opinion do sway me sometimes, but there should be an interest. It’s something I might like, not completely motivated of being a part of the popular!

My introvert personality do play a crucial part why I enjoy things that way I do! I enjoy thing I consume on my own time, on my own volition, on my own standards. They say that personal not audience-targeted and non-profit blogs are dying but here I am still blogging more than a decade now. I just love it, if there’s true passion in it, it will foster regardless if just you or few…it doesn’t matter, sometimes you have to think for yourself too! There’s really joy in missing out and if it’s just you that still is okay!