Personal / time, money and creativity: three things I sadly don't have!

There are three things I love to see on instagram or weheartit: ① food ② travel photos ③ journals! I love the idea of journaling! I’m it doing right now but it’s nothing special, is not really instagram worthy (and instagram worthy I mean, creative enough to share). It’s not that I want to journal because I want to share but because there’s something about archiving with a bit creativity that greatly appeals to me.

It’s not like I didn’t grow up writing my diary. I have so many of it I lost some of them…my handwriting especially my cursive one is totally unreadable so I’m not worried if someone chanced upon them and my worries as a teen was more on about school…and anime (oh good, Neptune) when bullet journal started to get really hype, I wanted to do it! But yeah, you know what I’m gonna say: I failed!! Numerous. Times. But because I’m eager beaver for 2018, I’ve decided now’s the time to do it!! For the first few months of year, I championed like a pro of writing to my trad journal! But I do have ups and downs, sometimes I write, sometimes I don’t. But every time I see people’s journal it make me one to write on mine!! Yes it’s a strange and endless cycle of motivation and laziness.

I think because I’m such frugal & lazy girl I always try to compromise and make things out of I can afford and that truly reflects on my journal and diary escapades!

But the thing with journaling when I see it on other people boils down to three things: time, money and creativity! I have itsy bitsy downtime but sometimes I’d rather sleep or read. Yeah, that one is kinda my fault. Money!! Have you see all those expensive journals they’re using! The amount of pens I have to invest?? I won’t spend PHP 1,000 ($20) on one journal!! I’m cheapo!  So this one’s a big nope for me! And creativity…which sadly for me is something I kinda excel doing digitally? Some people commend my handwriting cos it’s pretty neat (if I write in all caps) and I can draw…I can do some calligraphy if I put in mind into but…I’m lazy!!

But I want to do journaling!! Right now I have two journals : one is for my ① daily or weekly (depends on my mood); it’s more of a diary less than bullet journal. I write and write until my hands are tired. The other one is ② monthly scrapbook! I only paste down my monthly highlights—it involves a lot of cutting and pasting. I don’t write anything to it! Just stick, stick, stick!!

My other diary is pretty easy to maintain all I need all I need is to write! No fancy stuffs there…maybe I put some stickers but that is it! The other one requires a bit of investment! LOL My journals are unbranded ones I got from shopee. Both of them are just under PHP 200, super cheap! They’re also selling stickers, so I got them too! I’m not really into washi tapes sadly…I just can’t use it properly. Instead of buying branded one, I opt to buying ones I can afford (means cheap). But for most part I use my digital knowledge! Sometimes I get stickers vectors from freepik or vecteezy! Yes, I print my own stickers!! There’s so many pretty ones on those sites. I also use old magazines and cut out pretty typography there! Yeah, it’s old school but somehow I don’t see people use it nowadays. I buy old mags from booksale, they have mags as low as PHP 10!! Then I just type my content then print it out (cos I’m lazy writer!!) And with that I covered my being lazy, broke and uncreative!

I think because I’m such frugal & lazy girl I always try to compromise and make things out of I can afford and that truly reflects on my journal and diary escapades! It doesn’t look too unorthodox but at least I’m making this happen and that’s what matter, right?!