News / Here's my monthly rundown of what has happened this July 2019!

It’s that time again! Well, thankfully July is a-OK month for me. Nothing huge happened but that’s a very much welcome monthly vibe. So, July…wow, I can’t believe that we’re only a month away from the “ber” months, and then we have to say hello to 2020 soon. Whenever I thought of next year before, it felt so faraway. And being a 90’s kid, 2020 sounds like so out there, so futuristic. But even with technological advancements we do enjoy today, there are things that feel we regress. So much stuff is happening, something we didn’t expect our future, which is now our today. Oops, don’t mind me getting carried away again. My monthly title is courtesy of one of fave tunes this month, One Step Closer by INTERSECTION!

Blogging in July: One more post than usual, trying to keep this productivity groove!

I think I was very productive this month. For once, I exceeded my monthly post quota (I know, I know, after announcing it last month, I can be spontaneous this way~) It felt like the extra day in July made it longer. And since August is the same, I think I might follow the same number. I am in the midst of scheduling my posts for August so I’m thinking of adding one more. I have no issues with posts since I have so many in my topic vault, but taking picture sometimes keeps me behind. And since it’s been raining these past few days, it isn’t bright enough to do a good photo shoot (and you know my gadget is just my phone…) So gotta iron that photo session this month!!

Reading in July: Wowzers, it’s true so many wonderful stories to read so little time!


Oh my gosh, the month was pretty amazing. It was complete struggle last June but July was thankfully wasn’t! In fact, I was in complete haze which ones I should pick up. I had so many to choose from!! I found new favorites! I’m currently reading this new series & I’m so intrigued! I’m also re-reading Eyeshield 21 and continuing . Happy reading month is so glorious! Also, starting this month, I’m gonna select my favorite read and highlight it via my small image description box on your right! Gotta make it that useful *tee hee*

  1. 10th – if you’re a fan of or 아쿠아맨, this might right up your alley. It’s a romance between three friends, it’s not your typical love triangle and if you read or know the series I mentioned earlier, you know what it means!
  2. Ai to Ao no Kyoukai – it wasn’t the best read, nor extremely intriguing, but it fared. So, the heroine was bookseller then one day she was asked to take in a young relative! So hopefully we don’t enter incest territory. I mean he is her cousin, still!!
  3. Ikemen Sengoku – Tenkabito no Onna ni Naru Ki wa Nai ka – I’m not the biggest fan of reverse harem a la otome game. Much more if it’s some sort of “isekai” or something like it (transporting to different world or time period) but it was kinda…good! Not mind blowing but very entertaining. And the art, people, the art!! So exquisite! *chef kiss*
  4. Koi to Dangan – Dangerous Lover – I miss so much and I saw this one had similar theme to it but with less intense protagonists. It wasn’t as good as Raise wa, but it was OK. Typical mid-range shoujo! I heard it’s very popular in JP and I can see why but meh, I want more intensity (characters not romance)!!
  5. Kono Koi wa Kore Ijou ni Naranai – this pretty hard core and I’m intrigued! The girl has OCD & she was picked on by girls at her school. They threw her in a house full of garbage, triggering her OCD. But in there she met a boy…an assassin. Having witness how they boy killed someone she stayed and cleaned up the scene because nothing scarier to her than a dirty room! Yes, not even death! Isn’t it intriguing?! I’m still at chapter 7 & I think I’ll marathon the rest of the available chapters pretty soonish ‘cos I’m pretty hooked!
  6. Kuroha to Nijisuke – intriguing romance between the girl with so much luck and the guy with the worst one. The girl was used by a mob group for gambling but when she tried to run away, she met Nijisuke who was her exact opposite: life threatening events followed him every single time. Maybe together they can cancel each other out?? I saw there’s spin-off (??) so I might read that too!
  7. My Fair Footman (마이 페어 풋맨)- you know what my weakness is?? Gender bender! And you know what’s better than it? A gender bender with the guy who knew it all along & secretly in love with our heroine and tries to help her conceal her identity! I really, really like it and I obvs want so much more!
  8. Ojou to Banken-kun – I told you I miss so here’s another attempt to find something similar. But this is one softer, with more obvious shoujo manga element touch. And to be perfectly honest, I kinda like this one better than Koi (<- this one is smut tease, but then again, I only read 1 volume so maybe there’s more to the plot so we will see) So, I think I will follow it monthly.
  9. Otowa-kun to Houkago no Himitsu – I’m more of KR webtoon fan than JP, because they felt like ordinary shoujo manga minus the format. So, it’s about cohabitation between childhood friends slowly developing to lovers. It was OK, nothing much to say about it.
  10. Skip to Loafer – this was hands down my favorite read of the month! I loved how refreshing, nice, cool, and just aaah!! amazing! If this was a shoujo manga the heroine’s first agenda in high school was to find love, but this girl went to school in Tokyo as a stepping stone to her dream of becoming a successful stateswoman! She came from the countryside, she has started adapting to the fast-paced life in Tokyo, while befriending new people in her class! This is my favorite kind of slice of life, likeable characters, out of the box dynamics, and just the right amount of subtle romance!
  11. SPY X FAMILY – this is so HILARIOUS!! I loved this & it’s legally available to read for free!! It’s about a made-up family composed of a Spy (the dad), an Assassin/Hitwoman (the mom) and their adopted daughter (esper/mind reader). So yeah, putting them together was a riot! It’s a fairly new series but I read all the available chapters in one sitting & can’t help cracking up. The dynamics were so fun! I highly rec’d it!!
  12. Watashitachi wa Koi Shiranai – this 4-koma style manga about the popular, ikemen type guy & aloof/bookish/writer girl. They were both attracted and slowly falling for each other but they were too oblivious to know that it was love, hence the title. It’s the type of romance you just laugh off for their naivety & enjoying the humorous slow romantic development along with the funny antics of the entire cast!

Life in July: July felt longer, but still incredibly fast! Nothing huge but as  I always say, I love chill months (and I meant it in both ways!)

Rainy Days and Mondays
Rainy Days and Mondays
  • It was pretty chill July! So happy! I’m actually scratching my head trying to remember what went down this month, almost came up empty because nothing really big happened except for few ones, which I’m glad because it’s so overall relaxing, and I get to do some stuff in between! Like my journaling has been improving and I’m dabbling creating my own icons and vectors. Having said that, I did encounter small problems, plus an incident that I reacted way overboard (according to fam) but really can’t help but to worry. Anyway, I’m just praying that nothing bad happens.
  • July means summer anime! And I love all the anime I’m currently following. I still have and as Spring leftovers so I’m kinda happy that they’re still around. Of course, new addition!! Dr. Stone is one of my favorites & currently running manga in JUMP so YASS!! The anime is pretty good, I’m so relieved. I’m excited for the upcoming Ishigami Village arc! And then Wow, just wow! I don’t watch any Jojo anime, the only David Production series I know was Cells at Work which was pretty darn great. But the level of animation in Fire Force is just superb!! I still have yet to try Vinland Saga but I’m thinking twice if I will like it. I mean when it comes to historical series—seinen to be precise—I’m quite picky. We’ll see!!
  • Celebrated my niece’s 10th birthday! I can’t believe she is already 10! I remember when she was just a baby (and I was young 22 years old dreaming & re-starting my career by going back to uni) *coughs* I digress, it was fun dinner with the family. We went to some Filipino buffet restaurant and if you didn’t know I’m huge fan of anything sizzling! Tofu is my favorite! I also bought her gift, she used to ask for toys now she wanted more girly, teen stuff. She’s all grown up & I’m really just getting old *dabs eyes*
  • I’ve reached teeny online milestone! I’m 10 years in twitter!  I can’t believe it has been a decade. I only jumped in by following my online friends, and here I am still tweeting various things. Looking back, my situation before was so different. My mindset and outlook in life were just starting, or re-starting to be precise! Ah! I felt nostalgic all of sudden haha~

Looking forward to August: Last hurrah before the “ber months” come again (holidays are upon us). Praying for a better and nicer month overall!

Break Time and Choocolates
Break Time and hot Choocolate
  • Just like the title all I want is a nice month ahead. I have several issues which I’m praying everyday to improve. So, I pray that August will be good to me in that aspect. Also, I have some plans for next month, some personal ones if everything goes well, I hope to do it. But I just want the vague something I mentioned earlier to work out for the better. I know God’s there with me always. So here’s to positivity and brighter outlook!
  • My nephew’s birthday. I know, I know, every month I always tell about someone from my family celebrating. But it just so happens every month there’s someone that does! Well, this little kiddo isn’t here in the Philippines so greeting him from miles away. I got to see him last January when he visited here and together with my family traveled to Taiwan. Hope to see him soon (and of course my ate, too!)
  • I have time off from work next month. I have plans, and hopefully I can do it this time. I’m also in the last leg of my two-commission work so I’m about to get more free time to dabble on some other things. Not blogging related, no, but some other stuff that I put on hold. I want to be productive this August! Want to iron my stuff and I’m quite excited to all the plans I want to do! Yay for productivity!!
Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. —Philippians 4:6 | NIV