News / Here's my monthly rundown of what has happened this July!

So July be like some rain, more than normal rain, then there’s so much rain it’s flooding everywhere. It feels like it was just raining the entire month (I think it did) and while I do like the cold weather, it feels so icky wet… I miss the sunshine! (OK, my fave weather is cloudy…not too hot but it’s not raining) But enough of me talking about the weather and go to main point of my monthly wrap-up…so July?! Better than June? Sure (June was totally amazing in different way though) but July is more like establishing a solid routine ‘cos until now I’m still finding ways to squish all things, and let me tell you I love dabbing my hands on something even though I really don’t have that much time!!! *lie on the floor sobbing*

But to sum up, July was pretty good month, and like I mentioned above I am trying to squish everything & it is slowly, slowly getting there? (key word: slowly…painfully slow!!) Bcos I think I am accomplishing things how little the progress is…!!

Blogging in July: Trying out new, planning on making new changes and hopefully will have time to execute them all!

It really proves how blogging in advance can help you look like a diligent, prompt blogger (obvs I’m not!!) but I guess it was pretty efficient. I was also experimenting with feature banner idea & eventually created a template. I do like how cohesive they are now (but I still want my own photos…yes, that selfish luxury of wanting to have a camera is still lingering), anyhoo, speaking of design, I just conceptualize a new design for my blog!!  Eeep, it’s cute (if I say so myself) & I love it but I won’t be able to actually start working on it cos buzzzzy!! Work + other hobbies make my hand full~ *weeps* Hopefully by the end of year!! *crosses fingers*

Reading List in July: I read so much and felt pretty fulfilled! The historical manga about lady pharaoh trumps them all!

Dropped by the bookstore + bought book!

Listing down all of the manga I read this month feels like I’ve done a lot of reading but I managed to read one or two volumes max… Also I bought a book!  Well, it’s a book that I read before but I saw it on sale so I’ve decided why not?? Maybe it’ll kick my slumbering bookworm self. Anyway, let’s get on my reading list.

1. (Aoi Horus no Hitomi – Dansou no Joou no Monogatari) ∙ I dub thee this series as my favorite July read! It’s so good and I want more!! It’s my first Egyptian historical manga series and I struck gold with it! It’s pretty awesome & engaging. It’s about the second female Pharaoh, Hatshepsut. She flourished trade and engineering/architecture in Egypt. But the reason she wasn’t popular or known like others was because of damnatio memoriae, where they tried to erase her achievements. It such an amazing story to read it and events unfold (and yeah there’s a ship but female Pharaoh makes me happy by itself!!)

2. (Ashi no Ura no Irisu) ∙ the MC look like fusion of Tatara + Onoda + Hinata!! It’s about running so it’s a sports seinen manga & the only reason I tried cos of the art w/c looks like a fusion again of +. I’m not too keen about it but if I’m up to it in the future I’ll pick it up again.

3. (Boku no Orion) ∙ wow, wow!! I loved it, it feels new, different and the latest chapter?? Pretty intriguing! Shoujo manga in guy’s POV is rare so this one won me over by that at the get-go! But the story is fresh, girl is endearing cos she’s kind but also has insecurity and despite that still looks on things positively, and one of those is the male lead. But halt there folks, not as a love interest but a fan! Oh man, so interesting especially that reveal and that other guy that literally lurks in the dark!!

4. (Cold Game) ∙ I’ve read a total of three historical manga (w/ the two based on real personalities), I don’t know why I was in the mood & sorta read them in succession. *coughs* It’s about a princess off to marry who supposed to be cunning king but in the way she switched places with her maid & she now acts as her knight instead of one of the five future queen of that country. Like the author’s previous work, there’s lots of political shenanigans in there & of course romance, cos who isn’t into love & hate relationship, def not me.

5. (Hunky Dory) ∙ it felt like I’ve read it before but forgot when & the story after I returned to it I’ve realized why, it was pretty…average. I love “love triangle,” especially between brothers but this, in spite my entire checklist ticked off, came out lackluster.

6. (Kimi wa Kowareta Ouji-ku) ∙ it has the same boring execution as , love triangle? Check! The quiet one is in love with her for the longest time? Check! But I find it all too boring! But hot damn, the art is pretty, it’s a shame!

7. (Koibito wa Danna-sama) ∙ josei series to feed my mature side. Nah, pretty tame & pretty boring too, for some reason I didn’t have luck when it comes to contemporary/slice of life this month. What a bummer!!

8. (Otomurai-san) ∙ it’s an amazing concept to make a series about death & funeral services light and still feel like most of slice of life. When it comes to this don’t most sound morbid, dramatic, lonely. But here, it isn’t like that, and that’s really fascinating. Of course there’s romance but that’s not the main point!! (although you know I hope~)

9. (Poisson – Chouki Pompadour no Shougai) ∙ so inspired by reading my undeniable July favorite read (Blue Eye of Horus) I’ve decided to read another historical manga based on true events. Poisson is about Jeanne Antoinette Poisson and as wiki explained it: “Marquise de Pompadour, commonly known as Madame de Pompadour, was a member of the French court and was the official chief mistress of Louis XV” so yeah, I’m all about woman and their power in earlier times! It’s pretty good I’m not sure how accurate it was but it was an interesting read.

10. Unubore Heart’s Cry) ∙ it’s about a girl who too self-absorb cos she’s pretty. She’s aiming a good looking & serious guy to be her boyfriend but despite her beauty she is flat-out rejected. But it seems they both misunderstood each other hence the brewing romance. Pretty cute shoujo!

11. (Sayonara Peter Pan) ∙ it has that feels (because adults are freaking giants, you know GIANTS) but it has sci-fi elements to it (by sci-fi I mean mecha!!), I only read couple of chapters but damn kinda scary!!

12. (Sister to Vampire) ∙ Smut?? It sure was, it was lots of, lots of, lots of, lots of biting! The title is pretty literal, it’s about a vampire and sister (nun) it’s smutty josei what did I expect!!

Life in July: Birthday, trying to squish hobbies amidst busy sched…and whole lots of raining!! The perfect weather for a cup of tea!

Nothing beats a warm cup of tea!!
  • I’m way too busy this month so some things kinda needed to put on the back-burner. I’m still figuring things out how to establish a new routine. Some days I’m good at following, sometimes not, cos damn I’m so lazy.  But I want to straighten things out so I can do all the things!!
  • Speaking of, I’m so happy how my journaling it’s getting more & more natural for me to do. The monthly scrapbook sometimes I do it weekly, daily. When I’m in the mood I’ll just scrapbook whenever, and yes, haven’t forgotten my other journal and writing on that too!! Now that’s what I called “really doing it.
  • Celebrated my niece’s birthday amidst the rainy/stormy weather that day. We actually planned something else but we postponed and dine out instead. Hopefully less rain next month (but it’s monsoon season so…)
  • I don’t plan to watch a lot of anime this season. Actually I’m already satisfied with , but I did try (reminds a bit of kind of comedy) and , wooo~ science & health anime! Although these two sound amazing I’m not really that devoted so I’m not sure if I can keep up (when I’m inclined to read than watch. And there’s the new Meteor Garden!! Aaah, one at a time, self. One at a time!! )

Looking Forward to August: more of the same but I pray it better. And also hoping I’ll able to do more stuff and cemented a new routine!

I love being busy but with a solid routine!
  • So what I really want to do is to fully commit myself to the routine I’m trying to do. I keep talking about it as if my life basically is just a mess but I couldn’t do most of the things I want (like translating for instance…or photography) so I want to give myself time to do things it won’t pile up, that mostly is my concern.  I’m more inclined to do things one at a time…in my life there’s no such thing as multi-tasking.
  • My nephew’s birthday. I do want to send him birthday gift but my older sister plans to visit Philippines (and Japan) in January so I’ll probs gonna give it to him + Christmas gift then. Yes, instead of our November plan it’s moved to January. It’s winter again but since it’s Japan, I have no complains!
  • I’m not sure what to add but basically all I want is more of the same of what I had in July: busy, fun & blessed (and maybe more…but asking too much, can I Lord?  Yes, busy is nice and busy makes me tired but helps me sleep easily. So busy is good. The busyness is all thanks to God’s blessing. Yes, I have God to thank for, like always.
And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him. — Colossians 3:17 | NIV