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Almost recovering from a bad case of cold! I hate...


Almost recovering from a bad case of cold! I hate being sick. 6 I hate it more how I easily get it from other people! But I’m OK now but last weekend left me confined to my bed with manga to accompany me. I used that time to re-read manga like Gakuen Ouji, Last Game, Koi Dano Ai Dano & few of my favorite arcs in Skip Beat! (amidst my terrible sneezing & pile of tissues on my bed, yes I still opt to read). Oh right it’s not just about last weekend but what happened the entire month. What can I say it was kinda busy! Especially the week of my little niece’s birthday! Gosh, cake! It was hard to find the perfect cake! 3

Blog Headliners!

The good thing was I had all my entries written, scheduled and all prepared to post! So even I was busy I already arranged everything prior so the only thing left to do was to publish my posts! Scheduled posts can be your blogging savior, I tell you. Anyhoo, what has rolled down? The usual I devoured lots of manga again. But compare to last, last month (June), July was little on the tamer side. It was like I taste test few mangas with no significant progress, but what made it different there was a variety—some shonen, some seinen, some shoujo (of course!), and some josei! Expect more details on my next WOMRL? installment! 10


Aside from that I shared some minor deets about my short travel to Hong Kong, along with my little escapades in Asahiya Bookstore. Fun, fun, fun!!! 17 I also share my not-so little secret how I keep up with my bajillion manga series! It was seriously no brainer! Just simple taking down of notes! Then I also admitted that I don’t mind if you think my blog is unprofessional. My blog is exactly what I want to represent myself—carefree & enjoyable! And lastly, I explained why spoilers don’t freak me out! Spoilers? Love ‘em!!! 21 Give me all the spoilers I won’t bite!

Other fandoms, passion, RL & whatnots:

  • Summer anime is super awesome! With an exemption of Hatsukoi Monster (that I seriously considering dropping) everything was so great! Especially Mob Psycho 100 (<- fave of this season so far!) & 91 Days! I know that the reason I originally wanted to watch it because of [fac_icon icon=”youtube-play”] Signal by TK from 凛として時雨 (which like Unravel didn’t disappoint! Come on, peeps listen to it! Feel it!!! Signal is so great!!!) it turned out to be a great series. Loving all mobster drama/action! 91 Days is legit! Look forward to my seasonal anime first impression for more rambles! LOL 13
  • Little niece’s 7th birthday. It was a little grandiose than I expected! It left us all worked up preparing for it. My oldest sister even did a mini-blowout night before the party! It was supposed to be a hush-hush/surprised party but I bet my niece knew what we were doing was for! It turned out well amidst the quick timetable. LOL
  • I have new phone! 5 Finally! It was so nice to have all my favorite apps on-the-go! My temp phone was kinda outdated that I even need to use the PC to check emails. It’s nice & really convenient to have one! YAY!!!

Look forward to—!

  • Well, like July, I have my posts already scheduled. Some still need to be written but everything’s OK! Oh gosh, scheduling! I love it!
  • Now it’s my nephew’s birthday! It’s not that we can celebrate with him (since he lives in Australia) but I can’t believe he’s turning 4. He was like 7 or 8 months when I last saw him! Time flies so fast for sure!

And that’s it! That’s what had rolled down this July so now I turn over to you beautiful people: How was July?! Fun? Exciting? Whatever that is, share it with me!!! 22

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